The Disney movie, Frozen, is a huge hit in my house.  I love listening to my daughters sing the songs from the soundtrack.  To celebrate the movie release to DVD, I surprised my daughters my combining their favorite movie with their beloved dolls.  I LOVE how the set turned out.  I earned major bonus points with my girls with this craft!

For the Frozen backdrop scene I started with a tri-fold poster board.  I cut it down to 24 inches high (which is the same height as AG’s scenes) with an x-acto knife.  Next, I used poster paints and painted a warm blue sky on the left and a grey wintery sky on the right.  I used foam brushes and cotton balls to paint with.

 Then, I did internet searches for pictures from the movie.  I wanted pictures of Anna’s summery Arenedelle and Ella’s wintery castle.  I also wanted a picture of Sven.  All of the larger Sven toys were sold out.  I printed out enlarged pictures and cut them out.  Then I used construction and cardstock paper and cut out different hill and water shapes.  You need to match up your cut outs to the angles of the prints to make them blend into one.  I used a glue stick to glue the pieces in place.  I used gloss Mod-Podge over the lake and ice pond to give them shine.  I used white paint for snow accents and green paint for grassy accents.  I used a snowflake punch to make snowflake accents.

 For the foreground I used 6 pieces each of white and green felt.  I cut irregular borders on each piece and then hot glued them all together.

The FANTASTIC Anna and Elsa costumes are from Etsy store, Holly Berry Dolls.  The owner, Holly Jacobs, was wonderful to work with.  When I was searching for these costumes and came across these I knew in an instant these were the ones that my daughters would love.  Holly has a good eye for detail; these dresses really do like the dresses from the movie.  These costumes are very good quality and I look forward to purchasing from her again.

Anna’s details include her light blonde stripe of hair!  This was purchased at Ebay store, Mosisha.  This blonde extension is the perfect doll size and is very inexpensive. 

Anna’s boots were also purchased on eBay.  Search for Black English Horse Riding Boots for 18 inch dolls.  There are several sellers who offer these boots.  I used a gold Sharpie to apply decorative detail.  I used pink enamel paint on the sides of the sole of the shoes for additional detail.  Make sure you use enamel paint; acrylic paint will scratch off with play.

Elsa’s details include her snowflake hair accessories!  The snowflakes were buttons.  I clipped off the backs and hot-glued them to hair clips.  I purchased her silver glittery shoes off of eBay.

The set wouldn’t be complete without Olaf!  He was found at Target in the toy section.  You push his belly and he talks.  So cute!

I had resigned myself to not having Sven in the scene but lucked out – I recently found him in stock again. He and Olaf are pretty popular – if you find them – you should probably go ahead and pick them up.

My oldest daughter drew me a picture of Elsa to thank me for the FROZEN surprise!  I am blessed!