american girl doll pant hangers

FINALLY!  I solved the 18 inch doll pant hanger dilemma!  In my previous post I showed you how I created the doll closets with dividers.  Today is PART 2 in my ‘getting organized series.’  Now to get all those doll clothes hung up neatly!  American girl does make a very good pant hanger, but you can only get it if you purchase a pair of pants or a skirt from one of their stores.  SO DISAPPOINTING!  I have sent so many requests asking AG to sell these hangers in bulk like they do their shirt hangers …and nothing!  I think their marketing team needs to wake up and listen to customer requests!!  I chose the AG shirt hanger because I like the minimal vertical space it takes up in the doll closet; the hook is smaller.

american girl doll clip hanger

AG does make a Starry Clip Hanger which is AWFUL!  The clip hanger is wide and takes up a lot of horizontal space in the doll closet.  This hanger doesn’t open that much; you really have to shimmy your doll clothes into it.  AND the springs are very weak…more than half of these hangers purchased broke within the first 2 uses…and my daughters and I are very gentle with them.  Hands down, not worth the money.

american girl doll pant hanger steps

Pant Hanger Template printable.

  1. To create a pant hanger of your own, print out the pant hanger adapter pdf above.
  2. Trace your template onto poster paper or heavy weight cardstock paper (I used 110 lb).
  3. Cut out then fold in half. I used a rule to get a crisp folded crease.
  4. Slip through the opening in the AG hanger and staple closed.

american girl doll hanging pant hangers

Now you have a sturdy pant and skirt hanger.

american girl doll skirt hanger

If you have a skirt that can’t be slide under a shirt, as in Molly’s Miss Victory Costume, you can simply fold the template in half and staple (without placing through hanger).  Then hole punch in the top center and place a rubber band or ribbon through and hang over the shirt hanger hook.

This template can easily be narrowed or widened if needed.