american girl descendants dolls

Has Disney’s new movie, Descendants, become popular in your house?  It has in mine!  My youngest asked Santa for American Girl Descendants dolls for Christmas.  Today I will show you how you can help Santa create these dolls.

AG descendants doll inspiration

When I asked my daughter who she liked best, Mal or Evie, she couldn’t decide.  So I had to get a bit creative to keep the cost down on two custom dolls for Christmas.  There are several variations in the characters from the Disney movie, the Disney cartoon shorts, and the 12 inch sized dolls. The main difference was Mal’s hair; I wanted to combine the differences to make a unique wig.

I used two older dolls, Marie Grace for Mal and #53 for Evie.  Both dolls were in need of repair.  I scrubbed them with a magic eraser.  Then each had their limbs retightened; watched several You-Tube videos and it worked perfectly.  Wigs were removed; again watched several You-tube videos.

American girl descendants Mal doll

Both Mal and Evie’s wigs were purchased from Esty shop Dreamerwing,  The website is  The owner, Clara T, was fabulous to work with.  I sent pictures in of the characters I was trying to replicate.  I was able to choose from dozens of hair color to create these custom wigs.  You can pick percentage of each color you want into the wigs, length, and straight/wave/curl.   The custom cost for each wig was $35.  It was a wonderful deal and I am thrilled with the quality. Plus, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a wig.  Character interests come and go; at that price point I plan to purchase future wigs so my daughters can change them out if they want to.  Once choices were finalized it took about two weeks to complete and another 3 weeks for shipping.  I did purchase during the busy Christmas season.  I felt the wigs were worth the wait.  Would love to see some My Little Pony wigs in the future?!

I love the pink streaks in the purple!  Just like the Mal in the cartoon short!!

american girl descendants evie doll

The Descendants outfits were purchased from on-line store, Fashion Dolls Boutique.  Evie’s outfit can be found here:  Mal’s outfit can be found here:  The owner, Rocio, is a very talented seamstress.  I found these outfits to be of very good quality and will uphold doll-play well.  I love her attention to detail.  I felt with the details and quality of fabric used, the cost was very reasonable.  Would love to see more Descendants fashions from Rocio in the future?!  Evie’s buckle boots were found from Amazon and Mal’s boots are from AG.

My daughter does not like playing with dolls with curly hair so I chose a wig with a slight wave.  You can easily have a curlier wig for Evie.

18 inch descendants dolls

I added real blush to the dolls cheeks by rubbing in well with my finger.  I used real lip stain and a very fine paint brush and added the stain to the lips, let dry.

Enjoy! brandy-sig