In case you didn’t see our American Girl DC trip report part 1 or the Birthday in the Bistro post, we went to American Girl in Tysons Corner (also known as the DC store) on Friday for Natalie’s birthday. Here are some photos of what she bought with her Birthday/Christmas/Cat-sitting money she had been saving for ages.

Bistro set

In this photo we have the new Pretty Party Outfit (here is a separate post on it) on MyAG #39 Calista.  The “Bistro” is set up inside an American Doll Room using Kit’s Table, the cups and saucers we purchased Friday at the American Girl store, a placemat from the Sweet Treats set and food from Chrissa’s collection. The cups and saucers come in a set of 4 each and are store exclusives. They are the same cups and saucers the staff brings out to your doll when she dines in the restaurant/bistro at American Girl.

American Girl Julie

In this photo we have Julie’s bed (which we have had since this summer when we got it as a hand-me-down) but we took the canopy off for photography purposes. Julie is dressed in the Calico outfit she got for Christmas. Kailey is wearing Julie’s PJs Natalie bought on Friday for her and has the new Breakfast in Bed set on her lap. Marisol is wearing the new Coconut Pajamas we also got on Friday.

Here is another look at Kailey and Marisol. On the Breakfast in Bed tray is a smoothie, glass of milk, pitcher of syrup, waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and a fork. Marisol has the tape recorder from Julie’s sound accessories that Natalie bought Friday. She had wanted to get Julie’s Room Accessories, too, but they were sold out at the time.

Julie's sound accessories

Julie’s Sound Accessories is a really fun set! It comes with a tape recorder that you can actually record very short messages on, a turntable, three records and a record box. The turntable is battery operated and does play those funky 70’s records that come with the set.

Bitty baby

Bitty Baby is near and dear to Natalie’s heart – she has had her since she was 3 and Penelope has been EVERYWHERE with Nat. It has been a while since Penelope got anything new so Natalie bought her this adorable Pink Blossoms outfit. Isn’t the pink shrug adorable?

And another view of Calista wearing the Coconut PJs set. This has to be one of my favorite pajama sets from AG, ever.

Running set

Then there is the outfit that you WISH you would have purchased. Ok, I admit it – I am the one who really wants the 2-in-1 Running Set! It reminds me of the fun I have with my friends entering 5K races and cheering each other on in our training. I think I will purchase this outfit sometime this year for me. I wonder if Natalie will let me borrow Chrissa to wear it?