American Girl Crafts Petite Party Settings Giveaway

UPDATED with a winner! Congratulations Megan – check your inbox.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to Michael’s on the day they had Springfield Doll things 30% off and had American Girl Crafts 50% off. One of the things I picked up that was just too cute for words is the Petite Party Settings! I picked up more  than one which means I can give one set away to a lucky reader! This is a quick giveaway! You have until Sunday night to enter so be quick!

American Girl Crafts Petite Party Set

The Petite Party Settings are what you can see set up on the table in our Happy Birthday Julie photos that I posted earlier this week.  The set includes 4 paper cups, 4 square party plates and 4 placemats. They are all doll-sized and they are paper – just like the girl sized American Girl Crafts Party Pack. I also put in a Mini Sticker Pad with the historical characters – your dolls will love them.


What We Are Giving Away


How To Enter

  • Mandatory entry – leave a comment below letting me know what makes a party with your dolls a success.
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  1. LOTS O THINGS that make it a success- BFFS!!!,my blue tape Cake, CRAFTS!!!!

  2. alicia says:

    what makes a great party for my dolls is special occasion outfits or cool party crafts

  3. what makes a doll party. successful is if lots of fun was had.

  4. What makes a great party is…….friends. As long as friends are there, you dont’t really need anything. Alll you need is friendship. The friends will control the party and fun things will happen as it goes!

  5. What makes a doll party a success is having all the right stuff: party supplies, other doll friends, and, of course, food!

  6. Abigail says:

    Wow, that’s so cute!
    Hmmm, what makes a doll party a success…Oh, I know! Lots of friends, a sunny day, and a good photographer! (aka the dolls’ owner)
    I am subsciribed to your Youtube.

  7. What makes a doll party success, is knowing that no matter which dolls are invited to the party, (i.e. American Girl, Maplea, Hearts 4 Hearts, etc.), you can be confident that everyone will get along well together & have a great time!!!

  8. Katie – you were one of the winners of the mystery packages for taking the DollDiaries survey – I emailed you but it bounced back. Email me your mailing information at and I will send it out next week.

  9. Erin :) says:

    What makes my doll parties successful is the friends celebrating together!
    Can i email you a picture instead?

  10. Princess Belle says:

    For a doll party to be a success, you need to have loads of FUN! :) I am entering! 😀

  11. Erin – of course you can!

  12. Hannah O. says:

    What makes a great doll party is capturing the doll in a good position in the middle of all the festivities!!!

  13. Angela says:

    What makes a great party is friends, family, and food.

  14. What makes a great party is making it memorable. Having friends and playing silly games is what makes it fun!

  15. Ashley says:

    Dollie food and friends of course

  16. Silly games, but of course! Char–I’m going to email you my photo, is that okay? Thanks!
    I also blogged about it— here:
    Thank you, I’ll email you that photo soon!

  17. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Just got the colossal set of scrapbook paper Will make poster

  18. What makes a doll party successful is the dolls themselves! They are cheerful people and always bring smiles to peoples faces. I know that when I’m unhappy they always bring a smile to myself!

  19. what makes a party is friends and fun. with out friends who would be at the party? and without fun everyone will want to go home. :)

  20. celeste says:

    what makes a doll party succesful is “happiness” as long as you are happy you will always have fun no matter what:)

  21. Adaiah says:

    Being with my dolls.

  22. Tish Steue says:

    What makes a doll party a success is having fun and seeing their doll friends????

  23. agobsessed says:

    what makes a doll party perfect is all the dollys coming over to celebrate!!!!!

  24. What makes a doll party is friends,and,of course cake! I would love to enter!

  25. what makes a great party is decorations and friends

  26. Caitlin says:

    Is there going to be a Sunday reader post?

  27. Kendall Avery Grace A.K.A Divine dollie says:

    I put a picture on face book,followed you on twitter, liked you on facebook and subbed on youtube

  28. What makes a doll party a succes is making sure that they are standing up straight so they won’t fall down in the middle of it. :)

  29. what makes a great party is happiness and love

  30. Can I post pictures of the doll party on my blog because I don’t have a facebook?

  31. Sauna – sure!

  32. Caitlin – yes, there is. I meant to set it to post on its own but forgot. Natalie had a swim meet early this morning and we are just getting back. I will post it in a few minutes.

  33. Megan aka Megz says:

    Char when are you going to post again??????????

  34. In just a few minutes!

  35. A doll party is a sucess with lots and lots of pictures, and some yummy “food!”

  36. What makes a doll party a success is Friends! Set up the party and invite some friends and their dolls over to celebrate!

  37. I did a post about it on my blog. Here is my second entry: What makes a good doll party? Everyone you love!

  38. I love to make small gifts for the dolls when they have birthday parties. I think the decorations make all the difference! It is fun to use your imagination! That is what makes a party the best. You having fun with your dolls!

  39. What makes a great party??
    FOOD! :) Cake is one of my personal favorites. 😀

  40. OK I just posted it on my blog. Click my name to go there. :)

  41. I did party pictures and uploaded the link

  42. qtlol10 says:

    A doll party is infomplete without doll diaries. Doll diaries makes a good party even better, a bad party terrific, and even no party, a great one. With all the ideas, activities and pictures, it makes evry doll party complete from pinata’s to party hats, dolldiaries shows you how. Doll diaries makes any doll party sucessful!

  43. qtlol10 says:

    My mom just “liked” doll diaries on facebook for me! I just have to say that i cant write anything else. Doll diaries says it all. They’re the perfect thing! Doll Diaries makes every doll party complete!

  44. Alicia says:

    What makes a doll party successfull it the smile on your little girls face!

  45. A theme and lots of planning!

  46. Friends playing together happily-both doll and human friends.

  47. When things go how you planned-or better!

  48. I like playing games with dolls, like pass the parcel. It is more fun with dolls!