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I love the American Girl craft supplies and kits you can get at Michael’s – they are perfect for last minute gifts for AG loving girls, perfect for rainy day projects and are just super cute (see our review of the apron kit and the tote bag kit). I recently saw that they added craft kits inspired by the American Girl Historical Characters like Kit, Julie, Kaya, Josefina, Felicity and Cecile and Marie Grace. The projects are based on handicrafts popular during the different time periods of the historical characters and pass on traditions such as weaving, embroidery, painting, and string art. The crafts have been updated with fresh, modern styling that girls of today will love.

Cecile Marie Grace Wreath Craft Kit from American Girl Crafts

Make paper flower decorations just like American Girl® historical characters Cecile Rey™ and Marie-Grace Gardner™ with a wreath sure to bring cheer wherever it is hung. American Girl Crafts Wreath Kit, Cecile and Marie-Grace Paper Flower
Cost: $21.99

American Girl Crafts Felicity Embroidery Kit

Girls can learn some of the same stitches Felicity Merriman® uses with this American Girl Crafts Embroidered Pillow Kit, Felicity Sweet Heart. Cost: $21.99

Kit Kittredge American Girl craft hair accessories kit

Kit Kittredge® makes her accessories out of scraps of fabric, and now girls can learn to make pretty accessories in the same way with the American Girl Crafts Accessories Kit, Kit Kittredge Fabric Flower Style Set. Cost: $21.99

American Girl Crafts Kaya Accessories Kit

Girls can create nature-inspired bracelets just like Kaya® with the American Girl Crafts® Weave & Tie Bracelets. Cost: $16.99

American Girl Crafts Julie's String Art Cards

Make funky one-of-a-kind cards Julie Albright™ would love with the American Girl Crafts Art Kit, Julie Albright String Cards. Cost: $16.99

American Girl Josefina Memory Box craft kit

Josefina Montoya® keeps her special treasures in wooden memory box, and now girls can make their own with the American Girl Crafts Painted Memory Box Kit, Josefina Montoya. Cost: $21.99

These just came out so you will need to check your local Barnes&Noble, Amazon, and limited independent stores or at Our local store did not have them yet, but hopefully soon. I like all of the kits but think Julie’s looks like the most fun to start with.

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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it char keep up the good work!! and fristie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So glad they are expanding this line and encouraging girls to be creative! What fun! I’ve seen the AG crafts at our Michael’s store and last week saw them in our Barnes and Noble bookstore too.

  3. I like the mg and cecileone my mom just got a nook fr the whole family and it has internet so thats what im on cool huh? :)

  4. So cool! I think I can do this all by myself, no kit necessary, but you never know 😉
    If these ever go on sale anywhere I might just have to pick one up!

  5. I might have to buy Felicity’s. I’ve been learning to embroider, and hers looks good. Although that pink will turn red.

  6. yay im so excited because borders closed (wich is sad) but they are opening a micheals there now!! YAY!!!!

  7. Those rock! I think I will buy the Marie-Grace/ Cecile one.

  8. How awesome!

  9. Love the idea. I will have to pick up the flower wreath and the “kit’s accessories, this might be even good in a birthday party ( I coordinate them at work) I’ll have to see if I can replicate it for multiple uses.

  10. Anastasia says:

    I think the Kit one is really cute, and I would also like to try the Julie one. I could make really cool cards for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Luckily I live very close to a Michael’s (a minute away, not kidding) so I could easily pick these up. : )

  11. Madelon says:

    These look great. I especially like the wreath.

  12. cecille says:

    oh my i love all of them im saving my money

  13. theres none for rebecca waa

  14. i need a good username for innerstar u please help

  15. cecille says:

    Joyce i think americangirlstar338 or americangirlfan77904 or dancer338 or dollstar555 hope this helped

  16. cecille says:

    or agsuperstar334 or girloftheyear20100

  17. cecille says:

    do the names fit ??????????????????/ if not I tryed

  18. im exited cause im having an american girl doll craft b day party in may

  19. r there 2 diffrent ceciles on here?

  20. oh and joyce i could help if i knew the dolls name

  21. You can buy these crafts for a lot less at TJMaxx than at Michaels!

  22. Claire – that is great to know! I will check out TJMaxx too.