American Girl Coming to a McDonald’s Near You

aamerican girl toy in happy meal Coming to a McDonald’s near you – American Girl “read. paly.create.” toys in Happy Meals. The scheduled date for the American Girl Happy Meal debut is mid-August (around the 14th) after the current TY promotion is done. The American Girl toys will obviously be for the girls and Lego Racers will be for boys.

Guessing from the teaser on the McDonald’s site, we won’t be seeing any dolls in Happy Meals, but it looks like they are promoting the educational and creative activities/books that are part of the brand. Although a mini doll or mini pet would be so cute – and you can guarantee these will go fast and show up on eBay even faster!

As always, if you see any of them up close and personal send in those photos ( so we can post them on the site.

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  1. i’m getting another one tomorrow.

  2. i actually got 2 of them today.i got kaya and julie.the kaya craft thing was easy and the julie one washard for me anyway because i was always bad at making cootie catchers.