Yes, yes, I know, we are just a little late to the party on this announcement! While I had heard the rumors that American Girl was going to announce they are bring back Samantha along with changes for the historical line, I chose to wait on sharing that information and of course, when they did make the announcement, I was busy walking the floor at Toy Fair checking out more new and exciting things that are happening in the doll world.

So, here is what AG posted on their Facebook page – just in case you haven’t already seen it.

American Girl bringing Samantha out of retirement

What they actually choose to do with this re-release and the changes to the historical line (trademark “Be Forever”) is something we will have to wait and see about. I personally hope they bring her back with some new outfits and accessories so those of us who already have Samantha can add some new items to her collection.

And it will be interesting to add another version of Samantha to our comparisons …

American Girl Samantha Pre-Mattel vs American Girl Samantha Mattel

This is a Mattel era Samantha standing next to a Pre-Mattel (PM) Samantha. The differences are:

  • Eyes – The PM doll (on the right) has lighter brown eyes and they are a slightly different shade, too.
  • Eyelashes – The PM doll has lighter, softer lashes
  • Eyebrows – The PM doll has lighter eyebrows
  • Skin – The PM Samantha has a different skintone due to the differences in the vinyl used

What will everyone refer to the re-released Samantha’s? Will they be “Be Forever” Samantha’s, 2014 Samantha’s, or something else.

The other question I have is what will happen to the value of the older Samantha’s – will they become even more valuable? Or will they lose their value because you can just go buy a brand new one from AG again.

This is going to be interesting to watch it play out.

So – I have hundreds of photos to process and lots of great info from Toy Fair to share so I need to get back to work on that for you! In the mean time, continue the Samantha conversation and I apologize for not scooping it sooner to you!