American Girl Birthday Party Supplies

American Girl Party Supplies

American Girl teamed up with EK Success to create a line of fun American Girl themed crafts and party decor perfect for girls of all ages! They have everything from girl sized plates and cups to the matching doll sized plates and cups to place card kits, crafts, favors, stickers and more!

American Girl Doll Petite Party Settings

The American Girl Crafts Petite Party Settings is one of my favorite sets for parties and every day play!


You can buy the American Girl Party Supplies, Decor and Craft sets at:

The American Girl printables on our site make fun party favors, too!

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  1. Char, I don’t mean to sound pushy or anything, and I know you’re probably really busy, but are you going to post the pictures I sent you?

  2. Anastasia says:

    I forgot how to send photos. How can you send them?

  3. You are not being pushy – I have them in the cue to get posted in the next few days. The news of Marie-Grace and Cecile have messed up my posting schedule a bit. Thanks for being patient with me 😉

  4. Email photos to and make sure you let me know what name you post under here so I can credit you correctly.

  5. Anastasia says:

    Do I tell you my real name, or my Doll Diaries name?

  6. Doll Diaries name is just fine

  7. wow isnt it amazing what u find i never bothered checking the back of my ag dolls necks but 2day i did and i found out my smantha nellie kit and molly’s r all from pleasant company WOWWWW

  8. I get to have the bistro celebration for my 14th birthday who says your to old for AG.

  9. awesome Annalisa ive never been to the bistro only the shop

  10. So fantastic I love them! thank you for posting! Oh and Annalisa, I had my 36th there, so you really can never be too old!

  11. Ag dolls are made in china
    It says so on the back of their neck.

  12. Anastasia says:

    Some of the earlier AG dolls (Pleasant Company) were made in West Germany, though. (Which is now just Germany.)

  13. it’s kind of wierd i got my Molly after i got julie from AG But Molly is a pleasent company doll when julie is american girl (mattle) doll which does not make any sense do any of you guys have/had the same problem (not really much of a problem :P) thanks :{D

  14. Clare – The reason some newer dolls have Pleasant Company stamped on their necks is that the same head molds are often still being used, but that doesn’t mean they were made during the PC era. You can tell the age of the doll by the softness of the vinyl and eyelashes. There are lots of little details that help you date a doll to a certain era, even if you can’t figure out an exact year.

  15. Anastasia says:

    Shannon- I know for sure that my Molly is a Pleasant Company doll, because her eyelashes are soft, she has soft limbs, and it says so on the back of her neck. most people think that molly isn’t that pretty, but in person, she is ADORABLE. Her hair is WAY easier to care for than Samantha’s. plus, it’s longer and wavier. : )

  16. Im pretty sure my Molly is a pleasant company. Because she was I can tell that she is kinda chubbier than my other dolls. (her body is more tightly stuffed and she has a SLIGHTLY chubbier face mold) And I could be wrong or it might be because shes so old but I think her wig might be different. I cant really explain how but I think it might be.Plus when I got her I think she came in a plain white box. (I THINK its been so long its hard to remember) And I dont know how the Molly’s of today are but my Molly’s shoes you have to slip them on (wich is a battle for me LOL) and idk if the new mollys shoes are velcro or not but I assume Mattel would have changed that.

  17. Cool! Too bad my 11th birthday was right before they had these out. :(