As most of you know, my daughters and I went to the American Girl store this morning for the BeForever debut. I took so many photos that I don’t really even know where to start, so I figured Samantha would be a good place. Samantha was one of the original three American Girl dolls introduced by the Pleasant Company in 1986 and she was archived in October 2008. Today she made her grand return.

Three versions of American Girl Samantha

So this is a truly special photo! One of the Doll Diaries community members brought both of her Samantha’s to the store today to have their photo taken with the BeForever Samantha and she was kind enough to let me take some photos to share with you, too. From left to right – a transitional Samantha – she has a Pleasant Company neck stamp and a Mattel body; a new BeForever Samantha; and an original white bodied Samantha from 1986. How awesome is this? You can see definite differences in the three dolls.

American Girl BeForever Samantha Collection

Samantha’s display case. Back row, left to right – Holiday Outfit, new Meet Outfit, Frilly Frock Outfit. Front row, left to right – nightgown, Fancy Winter coat, parasol and Samantha’s Bicycling Outfit and her bike. 

American Girl BeForever Samantha Collection

Samantha in her meet outfit and the girl sized outfit INSPIRED by Samantha’s outfit. 

Samantha's Ice Cream Parlour

Samantha in her Frilly Frock ($36) working at her new Ice Cream Parlor ($300). The Ice Cream Parlor is AWESOME but very expensive. Each of the ice cream bins have scoops of ice cream that you can place on the ice cream cone. The cash register drawer opens and it is solid. 

Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor

Another view of the Ice Cream Parlor. It has so many pieces and it is great for play. That said, there are other sets on the market that will serve the same purpose at a fraction of the price!

Samantha's Ice Cream Parlour

The ice cream looks good enough to eat!

Samantha's Bed

Samantha’s bed is very pretty and has lots of nice details, but it has a price tag of $150. The lattice work on the headboard is plastic.

Samantha's Bike

I could not get a great photo of Samantha’s bike ($115). The chain cover is beautifully detailed and while everyone is up in arms that the bicycle is pink, it is still very nice! 

Samantha's Bicycling Outfit

Her Bicycling Outfit ($34) is adorable! 

American Girl Samantha

Do you recognize Samantha’s Parasol? It is the same one that was retired with Cecile and Marie-Grace’s collection. Again, some people have an issue with this, but honestly, I think it is a smart move. It works with Samantha’s collection and with the amount that goes into product development, it makes sense economically to repurpose the item.

Samantha's Frilly Frock

Samantha’s Frilly Frock ($36) is a piece of work!! There is something very intriguing about this outfit and I have not quite decided what I think of those crazy boots. There is a part of me that LOVES them and a part of me that says “what were they thinking?’ and yet, I can see this outfit coming to our house eventually.

Samantha's Frilly Frock Boots

See what I mean? They are definitely a curiosity if you ask me.

Samantha's Fancy Coat

Samantha’s Fancy Coat ($34) is very pretty and looks sweet on her. 

Samantha Holiday Dress

This photo actually looks kind of odd now because I took it from the outside of the store. It was a window display and the reflection of the floor on the glass gives Samantha’s legs a funky look. Her Holiday Outfit is $64 and includes the tea service.

Samantha's Pajamas

 Samantha in her Nightgown ($24) and her Bedtime Accessories (teddy bear, scrapbook, music box and Wizard of Oz book) which is $44. 

That is all for this evening! I will do more posts on our trip to American Girl DC today for the BeForever debut tomorrow.