What a collection of new and exciting items for this 2015 Spring release!  Samantha received most of the new items, but there were plenty of other new items to go around to the other collections.  The big WOW item is of course Samantha’s Gazebo, which has been delayed from China but should arrive by March 13 or sooner.  AG will have some more items released in March, yes you read correctly in March, so maybe the historical collections will get more items.   Here for your enjoyment are my pictures of all the items available from the Miami, Fl store.  Enjoy!

Samantha’s Collection

I loved this look, the coat and travel bag are beautiful.  She reminds me of  Mary Poppins.

Flowers are individual not glue together nor glued to the basket.  They can actually be placed in the vase.

Samantha’s treat set – glasses and vase are plastic.

Treats come in cluster of three.

Historical Doll Special Edition Outfits


Modern AG Collection

new SPA coat

Love the pointed ballet shoes and the fact that the outfits can be purchased separately.

Hair beads are cute but pricey at $15, I think they can be made for much less.

Mini collection

Stands for Mini dolls

Bitty Baby Collection

Purchase with Purchase – new outfit with shoes


Several items made it home and you will see more detailed reviews in the coming days.  I can not wait to see Samantha’s Gazebo, that may also follow me home…;-)

What do you like?

Fun Facts:
1. Thank you to the AG Miami store for allowing me to take these pictures.  I arrived close to closing time, but managed to take all the pictures and make some purchases.