American Girl 2014 GOTY Mini Doll Available for Pre-Order

American Girl 2014 GOTY Mini Doll

Well, the Saige mini doll must have been a big hit, because American Girl is going to do a mini version of the 2014 Girl of the Year, too. I have no way of knowing if they will sell the mini doll in AG stores and catalogs or whether it will only be available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon like the Saige mini was. The 2014 GOTY mini is available for pre-order through the Barnes & Noble website but it is not showing up at Amazon yet.

So, there is no photo – if you look at this post you can see the book cover and what the doll looks like, but we do know the American Girl GOTY 2014 will have three books, a movie, a mini doll and will be a ballerina.

I wonder if they will ever go back and make minis of the early GOTY dolls? 

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  1. If some one pre ordered the mini 2014 GOTY we can find out what she looks like and a sneak peek of her story with her mini book

  2. Kyleigh- Me too! I got the Saige mini doll that comes with her two books! Costco was also selling 3 more items: The mini historical character dolls that come with the boxed book set, the pet sets, and bitty baby sets. Costco is the place to buy AG!

  3. I just saw on Trademarkia that they abandoned the name Teagan!

  4. Really? Are there any other possible names for her yet? And for those of you who are interested, I just saw that on book, they also have the GOTY 2014 mini doll available for pre-order, and it’s free shipping! I’m probably going to get her for my doll’s birthday, and hopefully then I will know what she looks like, because Melody’s birthday is on the 14th of January, and she really wants a mini doll looking just like her (with blond hair and brown eyes) so please let me know if any of you find a pic or description of her floating around somewhere!!