Are you excited?  I was!  I love the tropics and summer is my favorite season, so when I saw the new 2014 early summer release I knew it was meant for my collection.  Let’s take a closer look….

The following pictures are from the Atlanta Store:

The first display you see as you come into the store.

The Bitty Baby release includes: swimsuit, a covered mat, summer snacks.   I love the snack set.

This is the purchase with purchase priced at $16 when you purchase $50 or more. It does not come with shoes.

The following picture is my Tropical set up including Kanani… let’s take a closer look

The new items go so well with Kanani’s collection.

Isabelle relaxing inside the Cabana.

The Bitty Baby food is perfect, the items make a palm tree.

The summer shorts set is adorable. Wouldn’t you like to have a snow cone?

How does Dabbie look in the new PWP?  I love the flowers that can be used in the hair or as a bracelet.

The Bitty Baby lounge chair is very nice.

The Fedora hat, bracelet and extra snow cone and lip gloss are great accessories.

Isabelle loves her coconut fruit drink.

I love this look, my favorite hat the Fedora. Notice the detail on the bracelet.

The fruit look so real and I love the plate shaped like a shell.  The woven box makes for a great table.

I love the seashells and the mat.

Isabelle sits outside the Cabana.

Fun in the sun!

I truly love this summer release, everything coordinates so well and just makes for fun play.