One of the most enjoyable parts of doll play for many girls is the part where you set up elaborate scenes. All you have to do is check out the photos that readers send in or take a look at the photos on your blogs and it is obvious, creating scenes is fun! We have also seen some very elaborate homemade doll rooms and doll houses for 18″ dolls like American Girl and have featured quite a few of them on the site. The Itz Purple company has taken it one step further! They have created a line of portable doll house rooms and buildings that store flat but set up quickly for hours of doll play.

American dollhouses

American DollHouses are MADE IN AMERICA and come in three different models – the one-room Ice Cream Shoppe, the two-room doll house with a barn scene and a four-room house that includes a kitchen space as well as living spaces.

American DollHouses sent us the Ice Cream Shoppe to review and I absolutely love the artwork in the wallpaper and the outside of the shop. The owner, Kathy is an architect and designed every aspect of all the products.

American Doll House for American girl Dolls

The product comes packed flat and contains a vinyl play mat and the two walls to needed to make the scene. The nice part about the way it is constructed is that when you are done playing it stores flat and fits under a bed or behind a dresser easily. In the picture above you can see Natalie setting up a a scene with her dolls. Her best friend came over and the two of them had so much fun serving treats to their dolls and coming up with interesting scenarios.

American DollHouse

The vinyl mat that goes with the set makes the sidewalk outside the Ice Cream Shop look real – down to the chalk drawings in the sidewalk! And I love the old time look of the artwork on the outside of the shop. The walls are made of a light weight durable substrate made in the USA that can handle being assembled and reassembled by children. The custom watercolor graphics are printed directly to the substrate and can handle gentle cleaning. You do not need to worry about peeling images or graphics with the quality printing applied directly to the board.

American Dollhouse interior

Here is another view of American Girl Gwen and Maplelea Saila getting ready for more customers to come into the store. The treats are from our personal collection of American Girl treats and goodies from the Queen’s Treasures.

American Dollhouse

A view from the outside of the doll house room looking in. Julie wants to place an order for her treat.

American Dollhouse outside

Kanani wants ice cream now! This is a view of the doll house room from the outside. Kanani is also wearing some super cute glasses from Springfield Doll.

The American DollHouses cost $74 for the one-room package, $99 for the two-room set and $114 for the four-room set.

You can see more video of the American DollHouses in action at the Chicago Toy Fair and on a Chicago TV News station on the American DollHouses website.