Doll Fireplace set up

Hi Char- Just wanted to share our fireplace that we were inspired to create after seeing Jen’s Fireplace for Dolls craft, and our wall/scene we made this weekend. We couldn’t find a box for the fireplace that would be the right size- so we constructed ours out of blue and white foam core from the dollar store and a lot of hot glue. Still have to find a ‘fire’ to glue into the black space. Thanks to Jen for inspiring us!

Doll Scene

We also created a wall for our living room using one of those tri-fold cardboard display panels from Walmart. We painted it two shades of pink- then added a “border” cut from a strip of wrapping paper — using decoupage to adhere it to the cardboard. The panel curled a bit when we painted it though, so I had to hot-glue a piece of foam core to the center back – that straightened the whole thing out, and now we have a great little living room wall. I believe that painting both sides of the board with one thin coat of paint- would also have helped- but was not necessary after I glued the foam core to the back.

doll fireplace

We found all the cute ‘mini’ decorations between Walmart and the dollar store (loved the star motif in the garland!). The basic room including fireplace and holiday decor was less than $10 and the tree we bought last year was also about $10.  After Christmas, when we take down our tree, I will create a window with curtains and maybe hang some pictures or make a flat screen TV for the wall.

Thanks so much Amanda for sending this in! It turned out great. I LOVE using tri-fold poster boards for photography backgrounds and making portable doll rooms. 

Have you started decorating for the holidays yet? I spent most of today trying to finish painting my living room so we can put up our Christmas tree the first weekend in December. I have a fun doll sized Christmas tree project for you coming up soon, too.