I had a wonderful surprise this week, since there was no tracking,  it was an unexpected arrival!  Let’s take a look at what arrived…

Who can she be you asked?   Her name is Virgi and she is part of the “Blanditas” which means “softies” from Paola Reina.  She is a soft body 14 inch doll and has the similar body build as the Bitty Twins/Bitty Baby  for AG.   Virgi’s  body is smaller,  her vinyl is so smooth and she has a gentle scent, which Paola Reina calls “vanilla” but to me smells more like baby powder.  Let’s take a look at Virgi’s story.

As Virgi was walking through the park, she saw a little girl sitting on the bench.  “Hi” said Virgi, “do you know where the nice lady lives?”

Abby introduced herself and asked Virgi to sit for a while.

Virgi was a little tired and decided to sit with Abby for a little while.  Abby was happy to meet another little girl like her.  She told Virgi how the nice lady takes care of all the girls and it did not matter where they came from nor how little or big they were, because they all were loved by her.   Abby gave Virgi instructions to get to her house.  (Abby is a Gotz doll and is very compatible with Virgi, they have the same body build and size. They are both very cuddly.)

Virgi got up to leave and said  bye to Abby. (Virgi can only stand if she can lean on something, otherwise she requires a doll stand)

It was not long before Virgi met Lauryce who was walking her dog.  Lauryce talked to Virgi for a little while and pointed her in the right direction.  (Virgi and Lauryce are the same height)

Virgi was so happy to enter her room at the nice lady’s house.  She found a little doll waiting for her.   She took off her hat, scarf and jacket.  She wears a cotton dress and long style bloomers.  She also wears socks and black Mary Jane shoes.

As Virgi rocks her new baby doll, notice that the bottom of the shoes have the Paola Reina’s name on the soles.  (Virgi’s hair was styled by the nice lady.  Her hair is parted in the middle, but her hair quality is amazing, so the style was changed to a side part.   She has very full rooted hair,  her hair quality is the same as Gotz,  just amazing.)

Virgi loves her new baby doll.  (Virgi has a very sweet little girl face mold, her eyes are a light brown with long eyelashes.  She has sleepy eyes and  lots of very cute freckles)

Here is a closer look at Virgi showing her freckles.  She makes a wonderful play doll for any little girl.  She is so cuddly and feels so good, you can not resist hugging her. She can wear clothes sized for 14 inch baby dolls.

Here is a better size comparison between Bitty Twin, Blanditas and Gotz soft body.  The soft body structure is exactly the same, size is the only difference.  The feel of the vinyl is different and the arms and leg structures.  Both Bitty Baby and Gotz have legs where the knees are bent therefore they can not stand, in comparison Blanditas legs are straight and does allow her to stand with a little help and sit nicely.

Virgi felt at home very quickly!

Fun Facts:
1. Virgi and Bitty Twin can not share clothes, she is smaller then Bitty Twin.
2. Virgi’s clothes are extremely well made.  The green sweater and scarf are both knitted.  The jacket and dress have Velcro closure to meet the toy regulations with small children.
3. The “Blanditas” from Paola Reina cost $65.99 US dollars or  $72.99 Canadian currency.  They can soon be purchased in USA retailers and  ordered online on the American Paola Reina website.
4. Virgi is made 100% in Spain and not in China.