Hi Doll Diaries readers, my name is Alma and I love adventures.  The nice lady spoils me so much, I get to go shopping and pick out my own clothes.  I heard that Alma! says the nice lady…..

So for today’s adventure this is what I picked to wear.  It is so comfy and stylish!  What do you think?  Although I love dogs, I also love cats, so my top has a very cute kitty picture.

Well, a girl can never have too much clothes so off to the shopping mall we went.  Look who I found at the sweet shop, hi Brooke said Alma, fancy seeing you here!   Hi Alma said Brooke, I thought Rembrandt would enjoy a nice walk and I was so thirsty, I stopped to get a strawberry milk shake.  I know what you mean said Alma, I just had to have an ice cream myself.

Hey Alma, is that your dog said Brooke. No, I think that is Doodles, Saige’s dog, but I do not see her.

Hi Brooke and Alma, says Dorothy.  I am washing Doodles, while Saige tries on bathing suits.  She said it was time to get ready for the Doll Diaries Summer Camp, and she must have a new swimsuit.

Can I pet Rembrandt?  asked Dorothy.   Yes of course said Brooke.  Look at Doodles said Alma, I think he wants to get petted as well.

Well so long said Dorothy, I must go before Saige gets worried, she probably bought all the swimsuits in the store by now…;-)  Come Doodles let’s go find Saige.

This strawberry ice cream is delicious, but I must finish it and start heading home.  I think I have spent enough of  the nice lady’s money on clothes today.

Back home Alma looked all over for Max and finally found him on the deck.  Doll Diaries readers , said Alma, I would like to introduce you to my real dog, Max.  He used to be the nice lady’s dog,  but since I have arrived well……

He loves me!  I sit and talk to him a lot, because I like to tell him of my adventures.  Max is a good listener, he rarely speaks, well barks that is, since that is his language, and he seems to understands me very well.   He must be a very smart doggie.

One of his favorite things is when I scratch behind his ears.

And oh how he loves his back rubs!  Do you think I am spoiling him too much?

But the best thing I love is to give him my dolly hugs!

Do you have a doggie to spoil?  Bye for now, but you will see me soon with more adventures….

Fun Facts:
1. No harm was encountered by any of the animal in this story, in fact they loved the attention.
2. All items used were part of my doll collection.
3. The Sweet Shop background is from My Doll’s Life