Yes she is real, and she arrived so let’s take a look at her.  She is Alexis from a new company named Via-E, read more about  the company and how Alexis was created at the Via-E website.   Here is my review of Alexis…..

Alexis arrived in a very nice box and very well packaged.  She was well protected around her exposed vinyl.  She came with a certificate and a thank you note from Ellen the creator.

Here is Alexis out of the box, the first thing  I had to do is fix her hair.  She has lots of hair and it is very soft, but it is not styled.  The ends look like they are frizzy, but they are not, they just need a little water and some styling. She is solid and stands up great.  Alexis has sleepy eyes, they can close and open.

A close up look at Alexis.  She has a pretty smile.  Although if you look at her teeth too long it looks like she has capped teeth since the individual teeth are not detailed, I can overlook that because although I am not fond of open mouth dolls, I do like Alexis’s smile.

I took Alexis outside to see how she would photograph and pose in nature, I think she did pretty good.  She she waving to all of you.

One of Alexis’s  features that stands out for me are her nails, they have a french manicure.

The other feature is her feet.  She also has a french pedicure and her big toe is separated so she can wear sandals.  These fit beautifully.

Each doll comes marked on her neck with the company name, a small pink heart and her number.  Mine is 393 out of 550 from the first production.

Here she is wearing the Carpatina dress made for full style dolls.  I picked it because since Alexis is fully vinyl it shows off her shoulders nicely.   Of course Tiny had to get in the picture.  I will address how she sits a little later on.  Alexis can wear any doll clothes made for full style body (like AG), and shoe as well.

I had to do something about her hair, so here she is talking to Grace while her hair was styling in rollers and then after the rollers were taken out.  The rollers stayed on over night.

A closer look at Alexis’s new hair style, now this is how I like my dolls.

Comparing body styles, I picked KnC as comparison since they are multi-jointed and in my opinion the best in the market for mulit-joints.  Alexis’s arms are a little too short, it seems her upper arm needs to be a bit longer.  This small difference in length of arms makes it difficult to properly bend at the elbows.  Same is true with the legs.  Alexis is strung very tightly so it is difficult for her joints to bend.  Her head is also strung tightly and although she could potential move her head in many directions, it is not possible because of  how she is strung.  So her  flexibility is restricted.  The KnC dolls exceed the multi-joint functionality, they are the top of the line in this area.

Here is how Alexis can sit compared to how KnC dolls can sit.  the joints at the knee can not bend like the KnC doll.  Alexis’s legs open upon sitting, this is as close together as they can get.

Alexis can bend to some extent, here she is with her leg bend and arms bend. She can actually stand on her own with the bended leg.

I decided Alexis needed to try on AG Caroline’s dress and shoes.  She does look lovely and they fit very well.   Then back to her original clothes and boots.  By the way the boots are the best part of  her outfit.  Although you need to be careful with the zipper on the back, it can get caught on the fringe.  Alexis also brings a cute backpack with her name embroidered on it, a little too big for my taste.

My overall review (solely my own and not reflective on Doll Diaries):  At $95, Alexis makes a very nice play doll for little girls, she can wear most if the clothes and shoes out in the doll market for full body 18″ dolls.  As a collector she would not be on top of my list although I do not regret getting her.  If I could change a couple of things it would be her joints and the length proportion of the arms and legs.  Her sleepy eyes and the color of her eyes are ok.  As with all sleepy eye dolls the eyes do not always fully open or close so a little help is needed.    In a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest rating I would give Alexis an 8.   No doll is perfect but neither are humans…;-)

Fun Facts:
All the props are from my doll collection.