Alexis from Via-E has arrived

Yes she is real, and she arrived so let’s take a look at her.  She is Alexis from a new company named Via-E, read more about  the company and how Alexis was created at the Via-E website.   Here is my review of Alexis…..

Alexis arrived in a very nice box and very well packaged.  She was well protected around her exposed vinyl.  She came with a certificate and a thank you note from Ellen the creator.

Here is Alexis out of the box, the first thing  I had to do is fix her hair.  She has lots of hair and it is very soft, but it is not styled.  The ends look like they are frizzy, but they are not, they just need a little water and some styling. She is solid and stands up great.  Alexis has sleepy eyes, they can close and open.

A close up look at Alexis.  She has a pretty smile.  Although if you look at her teeth too long it looks like she has capped teeth since the individual teeth are not detailed, I can overlook that because although I am not fond of open mouth dolls, I do like Alexis’s smile.

I took Alexis outside to see how she would photograph and pose in nature, I think she did pretty good.  She she waving to all of you.

One of Alexis’s  features that stands out for me are her nails, they have a french manicure.

The other feature is her feet.  She also has a french pedicure and her big toe is separated so she can wear sandals.  These fit beautifully.

Each doll comes marked on her neck with the company name, a small pink heart and her number.  Mine is 393 out of 550 from the first production.

Here she is wearing the Carpatina dress made for full style dolls.  I picked it because since Alexis is fully vinyl it shows off her shoulders nicely.   Of course Tiny had to get in the picture.  I will address how she sits a little later on.  Alexis can wear any doll clothes made for full style body (like AG), and shoe as well.

I had to do something about her hair, so here she is talking to Grace while her hair was styling in rollers and then after the rollers were taken out.  The rollers stayed on over night.

A closer look at Alexis’s new hair style, now this is how I like my dolls.

Comparing body styles, I picked KnC as comparison since they are multi-jointed and in my opinion the best in the market for mulit-joints.  Alexis’s arms are a little too short, it seems her upper arm needs to be a bit longer.  This small difference in length of arms makes it difficult to properly bend at the elbows.  Same is true with the legs.  Alexis is strung very tightly so it is difficult for her joints to bend.  Her head is also strung tightly and although she could potential move her head in many directions, it is not possible because of  how she is strung.  So her  flexibility is restricted.  The KnC dolls exceed the multi-joint functionality, they are the top of the line in this area.

Here is how Alexis can sit compared to how KnC dolls can sit.  the joints at the knee can not bend like the KnC doll.  Alexis’s legs open upon sitting, this is as close together as they can get.

Alexis can bend to some extent, here she is with her leg bend and arms bend. She can actually stand on her own with the bended leg.

I decided Alexis needed to try on AG Caroline’s dress and shoes.  She does look lovely and they fit very well.   Then back to her original clothes and boots.  By the way the boots are the best part of  her outfit.  Although you need to be careful with the zipper on the back, it can get caught on the fringe.  Alexis also brings a cute backpack with her name embroidered on it, a little too big for my taste.

My overall review (solely my own and not reflective on Doll Diaries):  At $95, Alexis makes a very nice play doll for little girls, she can wear most if the clothes and shoes out in the doll market for full body 18″ dolls.  As a collector she would not be on top of my list although I do not regret getting her.  If I could change a couple of things it would be her joints and the length proportion of the arms and legs.  Her sleepy eyes and the color of her eyes are ok.  As with all sleepy eye dolls the eyes do not always fully open or close so a little help is needed.    In a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest rating I would give Alexis an 8.   No doll is perfect but neither are humans…;-)

Fun Facts:
All the props are from my doll collection.



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  1. She is very pretty. I like her hair curly better than straight. Do you think maybe as she gets posed more, she’ll become more posable? Like when you get a new pair of shoes , you have to wear them often to break them in.

  2. If I got to wear boots that looked like that then I would so want to be a doll!!!

  3. Grace AG Lover says:

    Oh my! I most likely won’t be buying her because I have tons of AG thing I want before and little trinkets for my room and stuff but she seems like a good doll.

  4. Grace AG Lover says:

    I looked at the website, seems like a nice company.

  5. Aunty Paula says:

    I love her face…she has such a sunny disposition! How tall is she? Love the review. She’d be a good big-sister.


  6. Yay! You got her! I’ve been meaning to do a review, but I’m just so busy. Have you tried to get her wet yet? I haven’t, b/c again, I’ve been busy, and I’d need to to be throroughly dry before playing w/ her again, but I will soon. She can be very poseable in different ways. I took pics, (which I will submit at some point), of some of the ways Ellen posed her on her FB page. It takes a bit of practice, but it can be achieved. She does better w/ AG dresses than pants, (unless the have elastic, b/c she has such a flat tush. If you’ve seen my opening video, you’ll see that yours was packed differently, but I had a thicker shipping box. And I was #171 from 550. Congrats Diana, and welcome Alexis!

  7. Have you tried Alexis’ clothes on other dolls? How do they fit? I’m assuming the toe-strapped shoes don’t fit, since most dolls don’t have the split toe. Thank you for reviewing her, Diana; I’m not a huge fan of her face mold, but there a some moments where I see her cuteness.

  8. She looks so pretty in Caroline’s dress with curls! PRETTY

  9. Oh I am waiting patiently for my Alexis! I am dying to try her in the water. That is the whole reason I decided to try her. My daughter loves the water and would love a friend to swim/bathe with her. Thanks for the review. I will write one someday. Like Sharry, live is nuts now and my blog has suffered! Maybe she’ll arrive today!


  10. Diana Gash says:

    Thank you Sharry. I find her difficult to pose especially her head. She does look like a girl of age 8 or so and can play very well in the AG market.

    Aunty Paula, Alexis is an 18″ doll although next to KnC dolls she seems bigger, but she is the same size as AG dolls.

  11. I really like the overall size of Alex. I’d prefer her hair straight like Ellen’s photos though. My daughter is crazy for her and can’t hardly wait until she gets her. I love her pretty eyes and non creepy smile .

  12. Diana Gash says:

    By the way, I have no plans of putting her in the water. I have read the drying instructions posted by Ellen, and I have no desire to drain water out of her. Also if you are a beach person and are thinking of putting her in salt water, be careful. Salt is not very kind, I grew up in Miami, Fla so I know.

  13. I absolutely LOVE her! This might be the next type of doll i need for my collection.

  14. If this doll was in a giveaway I’d defintely enter the contest. She sounds and looks like a wonderful doll to have. So many complain about the AG dolls having loose limbs, or the fact that the dolls can’t wear the thong shoes, this doll would be fabulous. The price is also better than AG and he fact that this doll can wear other 18 inch doll clothes including AG’s makes it great. If I had some extra money and could afford it, I’d get her for sure.

  15. Thank you for these great pictures and review, Diana. Alexis looks so pretty, especially with her hair curled. And those pink, fringed boots are just too cute!

  16. Actually she’s 18 and a half inches tall, according to the FB page.

  17. I’ve heard about this doll and the company’s big claim that she can get wet. I found it interesting that despite that claim the “drying instructions” aren’t posted anywhere on the website. As a long time collector of dolls, I can’t imagine rocker (sleep) eyes that will not be damaged by water. Now I read here that you have to “drain” the doll after she gets wet? And that she has to be “fully dry” before she can be played with again? I’m really curious, and would love to hear how these dolls do after a few months of “swimming” regularly. I would also love to see a complete copy of the “drying instructions”!

    I’m not planning on buying a Via-E because I don’t like the face. The smile is too big and toothy for my taste.

  18. I have seen now that the “drying instructions” have been posted to the Via-E site. The last time I looked they were not there. Reading them now.

  19. Actually Lin, those instructions have always been there, in the parents section. And about the eyes, if you blow into her eyes repeatedly, hard like blowing out birthday candles, the water will drain from her eyes onto her face and you wipe away the excess. Ellen Callen (the doll’s creator) lives in San Clemente, a beach town (my old stomping grounds), and has taken her doll to the beach, dunked her and everything. She’s just fine.

  20. Heather Leabman says:

    I had a deposit on Alexis and then changed my mind. She seemed a little young for my collection. Plus, Molly’s retirement had leaked and I was busy in AG with her bed, jammies, and extra outfits, etc.

    Overall, I was always drawn to her big smile and thick, thick hair. I wish her teeth were individually carved like my Adora/Charisma toddlers. I prefer the My Salon Doll, it’s on The Toy Box Philosopher – another great review by Emily. They have human hair that can be washed dried and styled with any product.

    I the end, I am glad I did not reserve her. Now that My Twinn is out of business to us collectors, we are racing to find the last of the all Denver made Twinns with retired molds or just red hair, like the little girl I purchased on Sunday at auction. Westport still has a few. I thought she would articulation like Kidz ‘N Catz, but she falls short. I received my first first Kidz ‘N Cat – Mike with the tattoo – last week. Hi vinyl is so solid and heavy and his multilayered eyes are very lifelike – just like the Twinns but in miniature. He can strike any pose I desire. He’s become a buddy. I REGRET Henriette and am saving for Reike (I love yours, I love red hair). Enjoy her – the hair makeover is truly AWESOME and I could never be that talented! 😉

    By the way, look out for soap cupcakes for the holidays, yup, they look edible. You’d need to warn people. Frosted cupcakes for the powder room and they are even in a wrapper made to look like it’s being handled. They retail for $6.00 and I bought one as a prop. It works from 18″-23″.

  21. Lovely review, and very interesting too!

  22. The creator makes a huge deal about how manageable the hair is, given how poorly some dolls hair holds up to combing i will be very interested to hear more about this doll’s hair.

  23. I love her! Not at the top of my list, but she’s really pretty!

  24. I love your photos Diana- I feel ‘happier’ since reading your feature. She has ‘happy’ hair now to go with her happy face!

  25. I saw somewhere that these dolls can go in water, is that true?

  26. Emma:):):) says:

    Huh. I’m not a big fan of her, but congrats on your new doll! I hope you enjoy her!

  27. I’ve been following Alexis’s journey on Facebook for a while, and it’s great to see how nice she looks in person. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Kristen L. says:

    She is cute!

  29. SHe is pretty. This seems like it would appeal to those maybe getting older. She is very bright. But if they are $95 Id stick with AG. You just get emmersed in the history of AG doll and I notice how girls know right away – hey thats carolines dress or oh you got saiges new outfit. The biggest plus would be if it could get wet as I could see a pool or beach party happening. THeres parts of it with joints and such that remind me of barbies just bigger as well

  30. She is beautiful. Thanks, Diana, for a great doll review. Yet another doll line to look at. So, how much do they cost? Thanks! :)

  31. Love the smile. So cute!

  32. I like her hair curled! Wasn’t she in a Sunday Showcase? I am not sure

  33. I like her but I would really like to see her in person to know if I want her. I am also not sure on her hair… If it came frizzed I would not want the doll.

  34. Happy that you got yours. Still waiting to get an invoice so that we can actually pay for ours. We live outside of the US and have not been able to pay directly using paypal.

  35. Okay, this is one non-AG doll that I think is cute! I really like her face; it’s very sweet. And you did a great job with her hair, Diana! It looks positively gorgeous! I think $95 is a bit too much for her, though. I might consider buying her if she was $35 (or maybe a little more), but definitely not $95!
    Thank you for the review and the beautiful pictures :)

  36. Yes, Sabrina, she was in a Sunday Showcase in August, but that was my doll.

  37. Stephanie, the $96 is a first production price, they are going up, I believe.

  38. i like her! something different! a full smiling doll can be hard to love (most are boarderline creepy) but she is really nice!

  39. I understand the hesitancy some of you have about the price, but think about it for a moment. American Girl charges $110 for their dolls. However, Alexis had more joints (thus more flexibility and posing options), and she can supposedly go in water (which AG dolls can’t do). So if you’re comparing to American Girl, then she’s a better value (if you like the face mold). Some people mentioned the educational aspect of AG. Alexis goes to Brazil–a country that isn’t really talked about much, while there are many interesting books about history for kids.
    I’m not rushing to order this doll–and she could stand a price reduction–but please don’t compare to American Girl as far as the price goes. If you’re looking for a good quality doll that girls can take everywhere, this seems to be a good option.

  40. I think she is really cute. Thank you for the review and congratulations on the addition to your doll family.

  41. I was just over at the website and saw that they award good grades with discounts. That’s pretty cool. Plus her adventures teach about geography and such. Very nice.

  42. Super pretty! In my opinion, I wouldn’t even worry about adding extra joints that AG dolls don’t have. She would be fine without them! Still cute though! :)

  43. Heather T. says:

    She is such a pretty doll!

  44. wow, what a wonderful review on the first production Alexis Dollfriend (TM). Alexis is designed to be a play doll. I was wonderfully surprised that collectors also fell in love with Alexis. Her joints were designed and tested based on real girl’s desires. With the girls tested, beauty won over function. So I worked hard to make her body as fluid as possible to maintain a realist form but with a bit more function than the traditional stuffed body dolls. My hope with her smile was that it would reflect a happy, optimistic, wholesome disposition (and facilitate imaginary talking play.) I learned a lot during this first production of Alexis and am applying the learning to the new Tatiana Dollfriend (TM) who will be introduced early 2014. Alexis’ personality is one of optimism–her theme song is “Just as Long as I Believe.” Tatiana’s personality is that of a “Warrior Princess” and will have a theme song named the same. Tatiana is an explorer and wants to fight for justice and peace in the world. So her joints will allow full function. Tatiana is a full new body and face mold–every Via E Dollfriend (TM) will be a unique mold with different body shapes so girls will see that there is not one perfect body but beauty in all forms. There will only be a total of 1,550 Alexis Dollfriends utilizing the original design and clothing. The first signed and numbered 550 and a second production of 1,000. Alexis will evolve with parent feedback. For collectors this creates limited productions that mark the evolution of a new company. I’m not trying to be like the big doll companies, I’m hoping to become a company responsive to parents and girl’s desires so as to make play fun, safe and educational. Reviews and forums like this help me learn and grow so that Via E can become all that YOU can dream us to be. :-)