Over the weekend I had a lot of fun with the girls doing doll hair. I still can’t get over how a-dor-able BFC Addison’s hair turned out and I must say that I am happy with the way my newest Ellowyne Wilde’s curls worked, too. If you remember, Aine came with her hair very neatly done up in two cool bun like things on her head, but I thought her beautiful red hair was too gorgeous to keep under wraps so down it went. I used the Doll Hair Workshop video by the stylist’s at Tonner Doll to learn how to work with her hair – complete with a boil perm.

Ellowyne Wilde before and after

You can see what she looked like when I first got her and then Aine sporting her hair in rollers overnight and then the finished product. I simply washed her hair with a super mild shampoo and conditioned it too, then rolled her curls using perm end papers and the smallest perm rods you can find. I let it air dry under a gentle ceiling fan overnight before I took it out.

The back of her long, long hair before and after the curls. Because her hair is so long, the curls did not hold as tight as I wanted them to. Next time I may use a little hair gel to make them stay a little tighter.

The side view shows that the curled version definitely looks more polished and as I said before, I am very happy with my first attempt at curling Ellowyne’s hair.