One of the trendiest back to school outfits from American Girl this year is the Striped Hoodie outfit with its skinny orange pants, hooded top and canvas sneaker shoes. The colors are fun, the styling is now, and it looks good on most of the dolls. Let’s take a closer look…

American Girl Saige in the Striped Hoodie Outfit

Saige is the first of the dolls to put on the striped hoodie outfit. Now while I love the finished look of this outfit, getting the hoodie on the dolls can be a hassle. You really need to make sure their hair is down first, then put the hoodie opening over their heads, then put the arms in and finally, fix your doll’s hair. If your doll has a big head, this top will be a challenge.

American Girl Saige in the Striped Hoodie Outfit

Normally I would not pick gray and black for a red haired, blue eyed doll, but the pinks, yellows and oranges in the outfit help make it work for Saige.

Gotz Tess wearing American Girl Striped Hoodie outfit

Gotz Tess looks cute in this outfit. Since she is a slim body 18″ doll, the top and the pants are a little big on her, but it doesn’t look bad. I even pulled her bangs back with a headband ribbon to give her a slightly more grown up look.

Maplelea Saila in American Girl Striped Hoodie

As far as coloring goes, I like this outfit best on Maplelea Saila. It is very striking and fits her personality. The only problem is that her feet are too big for these American Girl shoes.

Maplelea Saila in American Girl Striped Hoodie

As much as she really wants to squeeze her feet into these shoes, it just isn’t meant to be. I’ll have to find some of the Springfield shoes that she can wear instead.

Journey Girl Kyla in American Girl Striped Hoodie

I think Journey Girl Kyla is a very pretty doll, but honestly, this outfit just doesn’t look good on her. She is also a slim body 18″ doll so the outfit is a tad big on her, but the brown hair and brown eyes are what really just don’t look great with this color combination – in my opinion!

Overall, this is a very versatile set that can be mixed and matched with quite a few other pieces. Just be careful putting the hoodie over your doll’s head.

So, who do you think wore it best?