As part of Grace’s collection there are two very cute sets: Pastry Cart &  Bistro Table & Chair, let’s take a closer look.

Grace is going shopping for some baking supplies, but is it winter in Massachusetts, so let’s take a look at her outfit.  It is made up of  two OG sets, both being lavender in color.  The dress is sleeveless with a little cap over the shoulders, perfect for wearing a coat.  I love the coat, it is made of wool with real buttons and  button holes not Velcro.  The boots come with the coat and are very soft, almost skin tight, it also comes with gold tights, but she is not wearing them.   The dress comes with the white hair bow, purse, purple shoes and a white short sweater.

Opening the coat, gives you  a closer look at the lace dress. Grace is also wearing a silver necklace with a small Eiffel tower that I made for her. The pearl bracelet came with the dress.

A closer look at the lavender lace dress and necklace.

On her way to the store Grace sees Emily building a snowman.  “Hi Emily,” said Grace.  “Hi,” said Emily, “Do you want to build a snowman?”  “Not right now,” said Grace,  “I need to pick up some baking supplies.  I heard we are in for a lot of snow in Massachusetts, in the next couple of days, so I can catch up baking my new recipes.   See you later Emily,” said Grace.

As Grace prepares to open a new business, the name is very important, so “La Petite Patisserie” translates to “The Small Bake Shop” in English and that is what Grace wants to open as a business.   I added the small Eiffel Tower which was a pencil sharpener.

The pastries and bread that comes as part of the Pastry cart look so real, I highly recommend this set only for girls over 8 years old.   The tiny boxes are made for each specific type of pastry.  In order for all the items to fit on the cart, some of the pastries need to be inside the boxes.

Close up of the cake, the details are awesome.

Close up of the pastries, they look so good to eat, but they are plastic.

The two tier pastry stand is very big and can be used in many ways.

I like to use it as two pieces, so the cake can be displayed and so can the pastries.

Grace will use a cart as part of  her business, let’s take a closer look at the details of the wheels.  The cart is made out of plastic not metal.  It is sturdy, but not heavy in weight.  It has a very french look and would really standout in Massachusetts, especially selling french pastries.

The Pastry cart also includes a sign which can hook to the top of the cart and comes with stickers to list pastries and prices.  A plastic bell is also included which makes real sound.  A clear plastic break keeper is also part of the set and sits at the front end shelf of the cart.

The Pastry Cart set also includes business supplies which help Grace track her sales, stickers for the pastry boxes to advertise her business, starter money to be prepared for change, business cards, apron and bags for the items.

A closer look at the business cards, which concludes all the items as part of the Pastry cart set.

Review of Bistro Set:

The Bistro set has food, menu, menu holder (plastic), sparkling water, napkin and plate, glass with water.   All the items shown above, they are very detailed.   The menu holder is plastic and if not careful can break where it holds the menu. It also comes with a stand and stickers, which allows to list the items on the menu, it is plastic, not shown in picture above.

A closer look at what is on the small menu that will be on the table.

The Bistro table legs are metal and extremely sturdy.  The detail of the legs is awesome.

The food on the table fits just right.  The one drawback I found was the fact that the plate is too small for fruit, cheese and bread,  another plate should have been included.  I actually used a plate from the AG  Bistro that is given to customers when they eat at the Bistro/Cafe located in the AG stores.

The Bistro chair is all metal and very sturdy.  I love the color and the cute cushion.  Again, just like Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor, one chair is not enough and I would rather have two chairs or at least have an option to purchase an extra chair.

The AG prices are high, but I have noticed that with the amount of detail that goes into developing and creating these items, AG tries to provide some items with reasonable price ranges, but this also means one chair verses two, or one plate verses two.

Are you planning on making these sets as part of your collection?

Fun Facts:
1. All items are part of my collection.
2. All opinions are that of my own and do not reflect those of Doll