American Girl’s Limited Edition Princess outfit was displayed at the Atlanta store for the special private shopping event.  It was available for purchase before Black Friday.  Here are some detailed pictures….

The window display,  promoting the princess outfit.

One of two dolls dressed in the princess outfit as you enter the store.

Here is the entire dress when the cape is detached.

A closer look at the top of the dress.

The shoes are sparkly but the silver sprinkles are not on top, they are embedded underneath a clear vinyl coat.  So the sprinkles will not fall off.

Side view of the shoes.  They have heels and are platform shoes in order to allow the doll to stand.  They are more like fancy slippers.

Let’s take a look at the cape.  It is soft white with fur trim and silver snowflakes embroidered randomly.  It also has a hood.

A closer look at the snowflakes.

The tiara has blue rhinestones.  They are not swarovski  rhinestones.

The brooch also has rhinestones and is attached using Velcro to the other side of the cape.

The second doll dressed in the complete princess outfit.  The dress closure in the back is Velcro.  There are no stockings included which typically are used in such a fancy outfit.   The gloves fit nicely and are silver satin.

The price is still $72 and around 100 outfits are available in each store.  The outfit comes in a very pretty box with a ribbon.  I did not see a mad rush of folks getting this outfit, although a few folks did purchase it.