One of the dolls that really stood out for me when attending Toy Fair was the new Adora Friends Lola.  As soon as I saw her wearing the outfit from the winner of the 2013 “Designed by Kids for Kids” contest, I knew she would be very popular.  I have the honor to do a review of Lola in her Panda outfit, let’s take a look….

Lola comes in a very colorful box. The back of the box actually shows all the Adora Friends available in 2014.  The Panda outfit is sold separately and comes in a clear packaging.

Lola is secured nicely in her box to make her travels to your home without any damage.  When taken out of the outer box, you can see that her hair is in pigtails to protect it while traveling.  She comes wearing Capri  jeans, a very nice white and blue top and white shoes. She also has two very colorful bracelets, one for the doll and one to share with the child, becoming her immediate friend.

Her nails come painted in a light peach color, a very delicate detail.

Her cute little feet also come with the toe nails painted in the same peach color. I love her feet they are so realistic, look at each toe, amazing.

Lola’s face paint is beautifully done, I love the way her mouth is slightly open.  Her body structure is 3/4 cloth and upper chest plate in vinyl.  Her arms and legs are also vinyl and all 5 points of articulation make her very poseable.  She does not come with panties, she immediately borrowed a pair.

A close up of  her eyes, a light honey brown color. The dark eyelashes bring out the eye color.  She has sleepy eyes – eyes that close when she is placed flat or in a sleeping position.

Her hair is luxurious, extremely smooth with a touch of a curl at the end.  Her side braid is very well styled.  Her hair is just gorgeous. 

Her hair color is fascinating, it has multiple colors, giving it a light honey brown color, matching her eyes perfectly.

Now let’s look at the Panda outfit created by a young girl for the “Designed by Kids for Kids” Contest in 2013.   It comes with three pieces: black and white stripped leggings, a long sleeve pink t-shirt with Velcro in the back and a very cute panda in front and  the fleece jacket.   The jacket is made out of fleece but also has the same knit fabric used with the leggings.  The hood is made to look like a a Panda head.   I really like this outfit and definitely a winning design!

Going outside wearing her new Panda outfit, Lola models for us.  Look at how the cute panda peeps out when the jacket is open.  The hood is large enough to contain all her hair inside perfectly.  The jacket is long and uses black fleece on the bottom, making the illusion that Lola has shorts on over her leggings.  What a fantastic look!

After the long journey, Lola was hungry so off she went to the nearby bakery.   “Hi my name is Lola”, she introduced herself to Josephine.

Lola soon made friends quickly.  Josephine is a little taller but makes a good friend.   Isabelle is closer to Lola’s height, they became friends as well.

A close up of Lola and Isabelle, both are lovely!

Lola made friends with Hannah and decided to show her the pink Adora fairy.  Lola shows how poseable she can be.

Lola can tilt her head in many positions.  I love this feature, she can actually look into your eyes and the camera.

Lola sits very well, and very typical with open legs. She pets Goldie the dog, drinks her lemonade and sits the fairy on her lap. 

Lola gets a change in look and meets her cousin, Alyssa.  Alyssa has an older Adora face mold.

Some fun close up pictures.

Lola lives up to all my expectations as a doll lover and collector.  She can make the perfect play friend with younger girls as well as older girls.  Since she is an 18″ doll, she can share clothes and shoes with other 18″ dolls.  If  I were to rate (1-low and 10 – the best) Lola in the 18″ category of dolls, I would definitely give her a 9.5!   She is flawless!.

Will Lola be joining you?

Fun Facts:
1.  All the opinions are my own and do not reflect those of  Doll
2.  Doll and outfit were provided by Adora for the review, but this did not influence any of the reviews or my opinion. 
3.  Lola  and the Panda outfit are currently available at Adora’s website, Amazon and other specialty retailers.
4.  The bakery stand is from The Queen’s Treasure’s.
5.  All other props are from my doll collection.