I have a confession to make… The Wizard of Oz movie scares me. It always has. I have very vivid memories of watching it in black and white up in my parent’s bedroom huddled in a ball with a blanket over my eyes for most of the movie. True Story. Back in the day, the Wizard of Oz only came on TV once a year and it was a big deal to watch it, but I had this love/hate relationship with it. I still won’t watch the movie, but oddly enough, Natalie and I are going to see a local children’s theater production of it on Sunday.

I hope the characters look like this:

Marie Osmond Wizard of Oz dolls

These are collectible (with a collectible price tag of $149) Adora Belle Wizard of Oz dolls. They are Marie Osmond’s interpretation of the Wizard of Oz characters. Each one stands 12″ tall, is handcrafted porcelain, comes in collectible storybook boxes and is a limited edition of 1500.  While these are not the kind of dolls I collect, for someone who LOVES the Wizard of Oz or this style doll, I can not think of a cuter bunch!

Wizard of Oz Dolls Dorothy

Adora Belle – Dorothy
 – what a sweet little face, complete with a little beauty mark by the corner of her eye.


Adora Belle – Cowardly Lion
 – Oh gosh, look at those curls!


Adora Belle – Scarecrow – Oh gosh, look at those curls!


Adora Belle – Glinda
 – For some reason, I am in love with her shoes!


Adora Belle – Wicked Witch
 – Even the Wicked Witch doesn’t look as scary through Marie’s eyes 😉

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I have seen plenty of Wizard of Oz series dolls that I find beautiful, but these are just plain cute!  Which one do you like best? Are you a Wizard of Oz fan, a WICKED fan or an OZ Great and Powerful fan?