I love it when our readers share photos of their doll spaces and how ideas from Doll Diaries have inspired them. Here are some photos from Nonna and Adelle.


Your web site gives us a great inspiration. My daughter and I decided to share our dollhouse photos with you.

My daughter got Grace, Kidz n’ Kats on her 6th birthday. We both started to look for the ideas for the dollhouse for Grace on the web. We used IKEA Pax wardrobe for the house. We decorated it with contact  paper on the walls and floor. We tried to make it look as real as possible. Grace is a beautiful doll that can pose nicely for the pictures.

In Grace’s bedroom we used craft paper for the back wall and decorated it with coloured tape. We painted IKEA doll bed purple and made some nice linens out of old curtains. We also painted a night stand bought at Michaels. You can see an alarm clock, which actually works. We got it at a dollar store. Our Generation wardrobe fitted perfectly into the bedroom.

In the living room we put a fireplace. It has a flameless  candle inside for the fire. We made the fireplace based on the My Froggy Stuff Youtube video. On the fireplace there is my daughter’s picture and a craft she made at school. We also used Our Generation dining table set.

My daughter and I made the food out of Sculpey play dough. It’s great that it doesn’t break after you bake it. We made the window out of a dollar store picture frame. We painted it white and inserted a picture from our recent walk in the park. We mounted curtains on top of the window using plastic hooks again from the dollar store.

Grace’s I-pad and sofa were also made based on the My Froggy Stuff videos, using mostly dollar store material. All Grace’s clothes was made out of my daughter’s old dresses using patterns from PixieFaire.

We love our new dollhouse. We hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you very much!

Nonna & Adelle