I recently tried Addy’s Hairstyling set.  Wanting to see how versatile the set is, I tried it with different dolls and outfits from different historical time periods.

This set was recently retired but American Girl sells a similar set with blue accents.

Addy’s Hairstyling Set comes with-

  • cameo and bow
  • braided headband
  • snood

Cameo and Bow

The cameo and bow from the set dress up an up-do and look lovely against Madison’s black hair.


Braided Headband

The dark braid looks nice against Morgan’s black/brown hair.  Her hair could be styled up or down.



The snood is a unique hair accessory.  I liked it on several dolls but settled on Marie-Grace for the photos.

It really compliments Marie-Grace’s ringlets.

What do you think of Addy’s Hairstyling Set?  The new set looks very similar to this one only with blue accents instead of pink.

Do you like the set mixed in with clothing and dolls from different time periods?