Addy Walker 1864 This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War – the period in time that Addy’s stories are based upon. The National Museum of American History in Washington, DC has partnered with American Girl to bring the story of Addy and life during her adventures to life for a new generation of girls. Meet Addy Walker, An American Girl is a self-guided museum tour with a printed guide that you follow to discover objects and stories that give insight into what life was like for Addy and other young African American girls during the Civil War. There is even a free American Girl gift that can be picked up at the Museum store when you have finished the activities in the guide.


American Girl Museum event

Waiting for the bus to the Smithsonian

One of the Doll Diaries readers and her daughter recently visited the Addy Walker exhibit as part of a special guided tour event in conjunction with the new American Girl store in the Washington DC area. Madelon and her daughter Emily sent me an overview and some photos of their day.

The event starts at the American Girl store at Tysons Corner Mall. The bus leaves at 8:30 a.m. and you can actually go into the store for about half an hour prior to the bus leaving. Everyone gets a snack for the bus consisting of a bottle of water, small yogurt, strawberries and small muffin. The group was also given the most recent edition of the American Girl magazine and a word puzzle to complete on the bus. A number of the American Girl employees came on the tour as well, which was nice. According to Madelon, the interactive tour was excellent and you were there for about an hour before the museum opened at 10. They returned to the American Girl store for lunch at the Bistro by 11. There was a special menu specifically for the Addy event that day.


Addy at the Charleston Market Smithsonian Museum Display

Addy at the Charleston Market Smithsonian Museum Display


The interactive Cotton Gin display at the Addy exhibit

Emily testing out the Cotton Gin at the Addy exhibit

Tickets for the event are $45 per person. Considering lunch costs around $16 at the Bistro, Madelon feels they got more than their money’s worth. There were 40 people on our tour so reservations are a must. The next date for the event through the American Girl store at Tysons is August 2nd.


Madelon’s tip – be sure to be at the store when they advise you to be, because the bus left exactly at 8:30.

The different American Girl locations have some pretty neat events and tours similar to this one but specific to the history and landmarks in their area. Be sure to check out the Special Events page on the American Girl site for more opportunities near you.

As always, we love to know what adventures you and your dolls have been up to. Feel free to send photos or trip reports to