Do you have an outfit for your dolls that you want to dress up for the holidays?  Add a few accessories with a little sparkle and shine!  

Rebecca is modeling the Sweet Snowflake Dress originally sold for Bitty Baby.  I love to swap dresses with different dolls.  Depending on the size and coloring of the doll you choose you can get different looks! 

To style this outfit modern and fun I have added a couple sparkly accessories.

Our sparkly headband is a glittery ribbon but you can add your own sparkle to a headband with glitter, sequins or sparkly fabric. 

This sparkly scarf is so simple to make but really goes a long way to dress up this outfit!  I used a sparkly fabric that won’t fray and this tutorial to make the scarf.  

My fabric was a little thicker so I only made the scarf one layer instead of two layers.  If you don’t have sparkly fabric, add your own shine with sequins or glitter.

A little shimmer and shine and she’s ready for a Holiday party!

Rebecca really looks fabulous in Bitty Baby’s dress.  Even though they are different size dolls I’m always amazed how well they share clothes!  The skirt lengths is great and the tights fit awesome.  The shoes are a little small but they work. 

We tried two accessories today but there are so many ways to add a little sparkle and shine to a Holiday outfit.  How about jewelry, a purse or shoes?  Come up with your own combination of sparkle for a fun Holiday look!