It is Sunday morning and the girls have arrived at the studio early.  Let’s see what adventures take place…

The junior class is practicing their arm movements in front of the mirror.  Their arms need to be relaxed and move gracefully,  so it takes a lot of practice.

Becky arrives and is glad to see the girls practicing.  Becky is the Prima Ballerina who has been hired to instruct and put on the Spring Performance Dance.  Today Becky is working with the junior class.

“Ok girls,” said Becky, “Let’s work on the barre using your arms and legs.  “Henriette,” said Becky, “Point your toes.”  Matilda watches, she knows she too will be like Henriette soon.  Matilda is the youngest student, but she loves to dance.  Becky uses her dance stick to keep taps with the music.

Without the girls noticing it, a visitor arrives.  She is very quiet and stands back watching the girl’s routine.  She is reminded of when she too began to dance, it seemed like just yesterday although she has been dancing for 4 years.

Becky sees Isabelle, and she waves her arm at the girls.  “Let’s take a break girls,” said Becky, “we have a visitor.”

Becky goes to talk to Isabelle.  “Hi Isabelle, I am so glad you could make it,” said Becky, “I know the students will be so excited to know why you are here.  I am going to let you tell them.”

Isabelle wastes no time, she goes to talk to the students.  “Hi my name is Isabelle,” she said to the students. The girls introduce themselves to Isabelle.  Emily says, “I know you!  You attend the Hart Dance School and everyone says you are a great dancer and you can also design costumes.”   Isabelle blushed, “yes I started just like you, four years ago and now I get to volunteer and help others.   I have a surprise for you, I am here to help with your dance costumes for the Spring Performance.”

Becky watches from a distance as Isabelle talks to the students.  Becky can already see how talented Isabelle is and what a great teacher she would make.   She listens to Isabelle, as she asks the students to perform a little piece of their solo routines.  That will help her visualize the costume.

Emily is the first to perform, as the other girls watch. Isabelle takes mental notes, she can already see Emily’s design in her mind.

Matilda is next, although she is the youngest dancer she knows her dance very well.

Henriette is next to perform. Her arms flow like a beautiful butterfly.  She is so graceful.  Isabelle can tell Henriette will be a great dancer some day.

Isabelle was very pleased with each of the girls dances and she immediately knew how each of their costumes would be designed.  She said her goodbyes to Becky and the students and hurried home to start working on the designs.

What do you think Isabelle would do to each of the girl’s custom?

Fun Facts:
1 Girls:  Emily (Gotz Happy Kidz), Matilda (A Girl for All Time), Henriette (Kidz n Cats), Becky (AG Rebecca), Isabelle (AG GOTY 2014)
2. Outfits from my doll collection, although Matilda’s outfit is a Princess and Me outfit from Disney.
3. Backdrop was made by me.

P.S. There will be no Sunday Showcase today.