Karen here and yesterday I stopped in for an event at the new location of the Vancouver American Girl Store which is now located tucked inside the Granville and Broadway Indigo store. I was surprised at just how much smaller this store was compared to the former location. That being said, the store has all the charm and excitement of the larger stores and put on  a very engaging Grace themed craft afternoon. 

My nieces got to make Passports and Recipe Boxes and they even played bingo in French!

While in store the girls also did some shopping and my niece Thea got her doll Samantha’s ears pierced! 

She was beaming! We gave her original Samantha for her birthday this year. This is her first 18 inch American Girl Doll. She and Samantha share a birthday. She still loves her bitty babies but Samantha is her new best friend doll. Noticeably absent from this very well laid out “micro” American Girl Store was the bitty baby section.

When I asked the staff I was assured that you can still order the bitty babies (Not the twins) from one of the kiosks in the Indigo but that they simply did not have room at this time to display the bitty babies. The high ceilings give the illusion of space in this compact location and every inch of space is used perfectly!

The staff were engaging and the experience was wonderful for the girls and I had a great time too! You can get your dolls hair done, ears pierced and have a great time in this tiny new store! If you find yourself this summer in Vancouver I recommend making a trip in to check the store out for yourself!