It is just a fact, our dolls’ hair tends to get messy from time to time.  We take care of our dolls, brush their hair and play with them gently with lots of love.  And yet, there comes a time when it is time to take them in for a professional style.  Over the past weekend, we took our dolls to the American Girl Doll store in Denver.  It was so much fun and it turned out great.  Here are some pictures from our arrival.  The Denver store is in Park Meadows Mall and everything is gorgeous there in the fall.  Zoe was so excited and led the way.

Once we were in and the overwhelming excitement calmed a bit, Jordan chose to have Lanie’s hair done.  The lady who was working the spa was super kind and gave us some great styling tips.

The girls had a blast and each ended up getting a new outfit.  Of course there is so much more that we would all like to have so while we are saving our money and continuing to create our own fashion and crafts, these four items have been added to the wish list.

If you ever visit an American Girl store, I would love to see your pictures.  You can always share with us on our Facebook page or enter our contest sharing your stories.



PS:  Here is Lanie with her fancy new hairstyle!