I love how excited my daughters get when I decorate our home for the holidays.  To keep their love for holiday decorating going I decided to surprise them with a festive Valentine’s Day wreath for the dollhouse.  Here is how I did it….


  • Foam ring
  • Red Heart Yarn
  • Foam stickers
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


I began by cutting long sections of the yarn.  I glued one end to the back of the ring and began wrapping around the ring.  You will need to make the inner ring slightly tighter than the outer edge.  The yarn did get caught on the Styrofoam when wrapping, but I liked how that made the yarn a little fuzzy and fluffy.


Next I took my foam stickers and attached them to a piece of felt and cut them out. 


I hot glued the hearts to the wreath.  This craft was quick and easy and really brightens up the dollhouse entryway.


The doormat was made from a doormat picture found on a Google search.  I saved the picture and using Microsoft word scaled the picture into a 4×6 inch and printed on card stock paper.  I then glued the image to a piece of thick black foam.

My daughters were thrilled.  Craft on!