By now you have heard the news, American Girl is sending Molly and Emily to the archival vault to join their friends Samantha, Nellie, Kirsten, Felicity and Elizabeth. Our good friend, agoverseasfan, has put together her own tribute to Molly and Emily through some gorgeous photos of them – she sent them to us to share with you. Enjoy!!

American Girl Molly Meet Outfit

Molly in her meet outfit minus her glasses.

American Girl Molly Plaid Jumper School Outfit

Molly in her Plaid Jumper and Blouse ready for school. Still without her glasses.

American Girl Molly Plaid Jumper School Outfit

And with her glasses on.

American Girl Molly Evergreen Velvet Christmas Dress

Molly in her Evergreen Velvet Christmas Dress.

American Girl Molly in Party Pinafore & Birthday Crown

Oh Happy Birthday Molly! Wearing her Party Pinafore & Birthday Crown.

American Girl Molly Camp Gowonagain Uniform

Molly in her Camp Gowonagain Uniform from “Molly Saves the Day.”

American Girl Molly Camp Gowonagain Uniform  

Again without the hat.

American Girl Molly Miss Victory Outfit

Molly in her Miss Victory Outfit minus her star headband.

American Girl Molly Afterschool Outfit

Molly wearing her Afterschool Outfit and she is ready to play!

American Girl Molly Tennis Outfit

Molly’s Tennis Outfit.

American Girl Molly 1944 Swimsuit

Molly modeling her 1944 Swimsuit complete with the sunglasses and the shell necklace.

American Girl Molly Skating Outfit

Molly in her Skating Outfit. 

American Girl Molly Polka Dot Dress

Molly in her Polka Dot Dress Outfit.

American Girl Molly New Pajamas

Molly in her new summer pajamas.

American Girl Molly New Pajamas

And with her braids out to show off her beautiful hair.

American Girl Emily Meet Outfit

Molly’s best friend Emily in her Meet Outfit.

American Girl Emily Tap Outfit

Emily’s Tap Outfit – minus the cape and hat.

American Girl Emily Pajamas

Emily is just too adorable in her flannel pajamas.

American Girl Emily Pajamas

Now Emily is very snuggly in her robe.

American Girl Emily Holiday Outfit

Emily in her Holiday Outfit.

While agoverseasfan does not have every outfit in Molly and Emily’s collection, she sure has a great selection! These photos have definitely given me a few more things to add to my ever growing wish list.

Thanks so much!! We will miss Molly and Emily! I am so glad they are already part of my collection.