Diana here! It has been a while since I shared some of the items I found around town for the dolls, as always in unexpected places and at times a true treasure!  Here we go….

Here are several items, which we will look at closer.  OG Doll, Bistro table and chair, tea set and OG pink tennis shoes.  All these items were found at Goodwill except the OG pink tennis shoes, they were reduced at Target for $2.99 (originally $6.99).

A closer look at the OG doll, she was found at a nearby Goodwill for $1.75.  Her hair was very matted, but after a makeover here she is, I thought she had a very pretty face and she was pretty clean.

Here are two new items: the Ice Cream cones and Popsicle sticks and the OG Spa chair.   The mini Ice Cream cones and double Popsicle sticks are actually picks used on top of cupcakes.  I went to Target and was looking for a little something sweet and I saw cupcakes with these picks.  I asked if I could purchase the picks, but the baker would not sell them, he gave them to me for free.  The Ice Cream cones were easily glued together to form a whole ice cream cone.  The double stick Popsicles are halves (no back to them) but they have a bite, so cute.  The OG Spa chair was found at Goodwill for $2.92. It is in perfect condition.

A closer look at the OG doll holding the Ice Cream cone and Popsicle sticks.  Also the bistro table and chair are decorated with Santa’s face.  The table was .80 cents and the chair was .65 cents, perfect size for the 18″ dolls.

This is the most adorable tea set I have found.  The tea pot is Santa Claus and the little mugs are the face of Santa.  I found this at the nearby Goodwill for .85 cents.

Are you ready for this! What a surprise when I walked in Saturday morning and found this, yes Molly’s table and chair.  The other chair was thrown away because it had several holes and Goodwill’s policy does not let them put damaged items on the floor.  Yes this was at my local Goodwill, table was $5.00 and chair was $3.00.  I cleaned it up and it looks good.

These are some miscellaneous items also found at the local Goodwill.  The Guitar picture frame and the ceramic vase will be used for Josefina’s collection.  The Guitar frame was .45 cents and the ceramic vase .50 cents.  The old fashion globe will be used for Caroline’s collection.  The little swing will be used for the baby nursery as you can see the mini baby will fit in it, it was .45 cents.

Now all the items found at Goodwill, were not found on the same day nor at the same Goodwill.  I have several Goodwills within 5 to 20 minutes, as I run errands if I pass by one and I have a chance, I stop, you never know what you will find!

Have fun treasure hunting….