I love sewing seasonal doll clothes.  Around Easter I really wanted to sew a fancy spring dress.  I wanted to make my own pattern or adapt a pattern I already had, to get the look I wanted.  My ideas just didn’t come together.

Then inspiration struck this week when I came across this dress again.  You may recognize it as Addy’s Christmas dress.  My mom sewed the dress using this pattern.  (I just love the plaid she picked out!)

It is fun and festive sewn up in plaid but I’m now picturing it in a pastel or a floral print.  

Instead of black ribbon accents, a pale lavender or blue.

It has just the right gathered skirt.

The dramatic sash would be lovely in a matching spring tone.

It is fun to adapt patterns and come up with multiple uses for them!  I think Addy’s Christmas dress would make the perfect spring dress!

Take a look at patterns you already have and try something different with them!  Getting a different look can be as simple as sewing it up in a different color combination!

If you would like to try sewing Addy’s dress into your own spring version, here is a link to the free printable pattern!