Time for another amazing restoration by Diana!


A second chance for Maria -a little trip to Goodwill and a little treasure I found.  For just $1.91 I found a Tolly Tot (Toys R US older version of 18″ doll).  I debated in getting hair because she was in bad shape. Paint on her face, dirty arms and legs, but clean body.  The worst was the hair, could it be fixed?

Bad hair day! After cleaning her up, which I did using the Twin Oaks products, her face and body were back to being clean and no paint. Now for the hair!  I used the Twin Oaks shampoo and washed her hair.  This doll has rooted hair so it made it easy to shampoo. This is how it looked after the shampoo, yes still tangled and a mess. Maria has lovely green eyes.

Here is a full shot of her and you can see how I started to work her hair on the right hand side.  It took a while to untangle and trim the ends because they were frizzed.

Here is Maria with her new hair do!  I decided she would do better with small braids.  I dressed her up in some AG clothes and she is ready to go shopping. Do you think hair new hair style fits her?

Maria is waving to all her new friends at Doll Diaries and can not wait to join her new family, now that she has been given a second chance!


Amazing, just amazing, Diana!!