A Saige Mini Doll – Finally?

So word on the street – well, Barnes and Noble, is that American Girl is coming out with a Mini Saige doll on July 1.

Saige Mini Doll

And here is the photo that is floating around of her (found by agoverseasfan)…

What do you think? Is it about time AG made mini GOTY dolls? Should the mini dolls only be for the historical characters? Do you think they will make any mini MyAG dolls?


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  1. I hope they have other mini dolls to because I have some thing that I am working on so I need a mini doll and I have marsol and I want the doll in 2003 because I was born that year

  2. I wish that they could come out with My American Girl Mini dolls too, now that would be cool.

  3. I so hope that they bring out more mini american girl dolls. i would like them to go back and make some for the other goty dolls and make some my american girl ones – as that would be really cool. they could also make clothes and accsesories for them oh and furniture.

    plus i found a pic of the mini saige with her dog (mini) and her sparkle dress on!

    check it out at this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68499916@N00/8472457215/

  4. sorry about the link above i got over excited and didn’t read the description of the pic and now i have and have found out that the mother just made the dress!

  5. Bernitta & Bella says:

    I think all AG dolls should come in mini dolls, Saige mini doll is cute and mini dolls are great gifts. This mini doll will out in time for the movie, we can’t wait to watch the movie.

  6. I think that mini my AG ‘s is a bit far but mini gotys sounds amazing

  7. Mini Saige might debut tomorrrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so excited!!!!!!!1

  8. I asked AG about making a mini saige. Cool!