What was Christmas like in the Regency Era when Caroline’s stories took place? It was a time of festive parties, grand balls and games in the parlor – it was still more of an event focused on grown ups and less so on gifts and children. Madelon has shared some photos of her dolls dressed in Regency style dresses perfect for Christmas gatherings – it’s like a Regency Christmas Fashion Show!

A Regency style Christmas dress.

Another beautiful dress as the girls get ready for the festivities.

I love the contrasting fabrics on this one.

Kit looks very pretty in these colors.

Each dress just seems to be more beautiful than the one before.

Isn’t this one just gorgeous? Madelon got all the dresses from one eBay seller.

This dress was inspired by a peppermint stick.

I love the subtle touch of green in this fabric.

Floral prints were common in the Regency Era.

Which one is your favorite? Thank you Madelon for sending these in!