One of my favorite doll manufacturers  is the Gotz Company, which has been in business since 1950.  Their older vintage 17.5 inch, 18 inch and 19.5 inch standing dolls are very difficult to find.  So when I get lucky to have one join my collection it is a special treat.   The Gotz Company still produces play dolls but not in the quantities it used to back in the 90’s and early 2000.  So what did I find?

Who is she?   Keep reading……. These are pictures taken by the owner before she came to me. 

A close up of  her face and her beautiful red hair.  Look at those brown eyes.  She is wearing a Beatrix Potter Gotz collection outfit.

The Beatrix Potter outfit was worn originally by the 19.5″  Valerie Gotz Doll released in 2002.  So since my new find is not in her original outfit, can I find her?

Yes!  She is Henrike a 17.5″ Gotz doll released in 2003 (right hand side).  Here is her picture from the catalog.  She has a 3/4 vinyl body, which was very popular in Gotz dolls from 2000 till 2003. This 3/4 vinyl body style was always on the 17.5 inches dolls.

Of course Henrike had to have the magic Dr Di touch, so after going through a clean up of  her vinyl, a good washing and ironing of  her clothes and a good hair wash using  The Twin Pines of Maine shampoo and some styling, here is her new look.

A full view of the front and the back.  Even though she is 3/4 vinyl she can stand on her own.  Her arms are full vinyl, as well as her upper chest. 

Her hair was styled to be curly since I think it adds to her beautiful face.   This was done once the hair was shampooed and wet by using small rollers.

She is proud to show you her pantaloons which were fixed at the waist by replacing the elastic.

So when finding vintage and rare dolls, it is always a special treat to find who they really are since most sellers do not know unless they were the original owners and still have the original tags.  Henrike is very rare and not easily found, remember these were meant to be play dolls by little girls, so to find them in good shape even if not in the original outfits is wonderful.

Which look do you like on Henrike?