American Girl store Tysons DC

I have been promising my girls a trip to Tyson’s Corner mall all summer long and we just haven’t seemed to ever make it work. Why Tyson’s? Well, they have great stores for my older daughter (ones we don’t have at our small town mall) and for Natalie and me – yeah, there is American Girl!! Our happy place! So yesterday, Megan, her good friend, Natalie and I headed up to Tyson’s for some end of summer fun.

You all know Madelon – right? She has been a regular contributor on Doll Diaries for more than THREE YEARS now. We have tried over and over to coordinate our trips to AG DC and for some reason we could just never make them work – until yesterday. Natalie and I met up with Madelon and her daughter (who is Natalie’s age) and it was like 4 long lost friends! We walked all over the store and then went to the other side of the mall to have some very YUMMY sushi for lunch. The girls had fun being little fashionistas and back to school shopping in Forever 21 and Madelon and I got quite a bit of time to catch up, compare notes and just enjoy our day!

I made a collage from the highlights of our trip. From left to right, top to bottom:

1. With Molly scheduled for retirement, I decided to pick up her Christmas dress and Emily’s PJs. I already have Emily’s Christmas dress and Molly’s original PJs so these two things completed those parts of my collection. For some reason, I really want the Christmas dresses and the PJs for all of our historicals (I have most of them covered already – just a few to hunt down).

2. Isn’t this just such a cute photo!! Of course we took advantage of Saige’s hot air balloon photo op area to pose for our own photo. Madelon, the girls, and me πŸ˜‰

3. Natalie has been saving all summer for her AG trip. She thought she was going to buy the snack cart until she saw it in person and realized it is a little small for $150. She had three dolls on her list but finally after opening about 8 boxes, she picked out #38 and named her Paisley. After a long day of shopping, everyone needs a treat – like this yummy banana split we ordered at the Sweet Treats Bar in the AG cafe area.

4. A Mother/Daughter selfie while we were sitting at the Sweet Treats Bar.

5. Just the girls in the Hot Air Balloon.

6. This is printed on the back of one of the menus:

“American Girl celebrates a girl’s inner star – that little whisper inside that encourages her to stand tall, reach high, and dream big. We take pride and care in helping girls become their very best today, so they’ll grow up to be the women who make a difference tomorrow.”

Oh how I LOVE that!!

7. And finally, after we finished eating the banana split our server handed Nat a little red AG bag with a Friends Forever doll sized tee, a doll sized mug and a doll sized plate. I thought you only got that as part of the promotion to eat in the actual restaurant right now. I’m not complaining because that is a rare AG deal. Our bill for a banana split, a coffee, and a chocolate bar was just over $11. They sell the doll sized ts that you can create with that iron on for $10 and I’m sure the cup and saucer would be another few dollars (they are just sold as part of a larger set), so I consider this a true bargain!

It was truly a joy to meet Madelon and her daughter in person! Have I mentioned that the Doll Diaries community is the BEST? Yes, and this is just one of the million reasons why!