This is a guest post from Lauren.


Hi Char,
I thought I would do a photo story for the christening of Prince George. I had taken these pictures around when he was and I was born…yes we share the same birthday, but thought that these would be a good story for when all the Royal Baby buzz died down a little and now he’s being christened. So I followed the directions on the “Get Featured” page and I’m really hoping this will be good enough. 
Your Friend,

Princess Elizabeth has heard of this new Prince in England and she very much wishes to pay her respects to him. “I shall bring the new Royal and future monarch of England this crown which brought me many blessings when I was Queen. This crown will ensure that His Royal Highness will have great success as a King. It is also the perfect timing since he is being christened into The Church of England this week.”

As Elizabeth arrives in Twenty-First Century England, she is greeted by Duchess Catherine. As is customary, Princess Elizabeth curtsies to Kate and acknowledges she will be the future Queen of England. “Your Royal Highness” said Elizabeth “Rise up please Princess…no need to be so formal with me. Also you need not call me by any title, just Kate will do.” “Why…that is so unheard of?” Elizabeth said. “You shall make a loveable and powerful Queen.” Kate asked politely, “Why have you come back to these palaces again? England is still honored by the reign your legacy left.” Elizabeth replied “I have heard of a new Prince of Cambridge and have come to wish him well and give him a gift.” “The new Prince is my son George. Would you like to meet him Princess? Follow me dear.” Kate spoke gently as she showed Elizabeth into the nursery.

“Here he is Elizabeth. This is George, Prince of Cambridge, Future King of England, but first and foremost my son.” said Kate beaming with pride. “Do you think I can hold him?” asked Elizabeth. “Why, of course Princess.” replied Kate.

Kate picked up her son and handed him to Elizabeth. “Oh, this reminds me so much of when my little brother Edward was born and he became King too! Goodness he is so small!” whispered Elizabeth.

Princess Elizabeth held Prince George all on her own and could only imagine all the great things this little Prince would do one day. She told him stories of her time at court when she was little, the fun she had and the games she played, she even sang him her favorite lullaby. “Okay, Your Highness” she said “Now before I forget… this is for you on the event of your christening this week. Just between you and me, when you grow up, and are having hard times in the Kingdom look at this and you shall find the answer.” Elizabeth kissed the sweet Prince on his head and then she was gone and he was back safe in his bassinet with a little surprise.

Elizabeth left George a crown. A crown that was her first when she lived in the palaces in England.



Thank you Lauren for the beautiful photo story!