One of my favorite times of the year for the Doll World is end of January through end of February. You ask why?  Well, this is the time when manufacturers amaze us with new dolls and accessories, it is time for Toy Fair around the world…London, Nürnberg and New York City!  But also they start delivering the new items to the stores.   Here was my first find:

Introducing the new “My Life As” from Walmart, produced by Madame Alexander.  She is called the Mermaid Princess. She is an 18″ doll.

So what makes her so different then past dolls?  Well this year it seems the manufactures have secretly heard my wish of brunette dolls with green or blue eyes, those are my favorite and very hard to find since they are rarely produced.  When I saw this one I knew she would be coming home.   She comes wearing a mermaid outfit with a sparkly jewel on the outfit around her belly button, not sure that is technically correct on a mermaid, but again this is a princess mermaid..;-)  Her outfit is one piece and sadly she comes with no panties.  Another difference is her vinyl, it is very soft, so much you can squeeze it.  She does not have any wires inside, but for a little girl hugging this doll would feel great.  Her body structure has not changed, from previous years, she is still 3/4 cloth with upper chest in vinyl as well as arms and legs.  I personally like the new face which reminds me of the early Madame Alexander Dolls.

A closer look at her face and hair.  Her eyes are an aqua color which to me looks amazing with the dark brown hair.  She does come with blonde hair as you will see later.  The top of the outfit and the bottom are jointed with a skin tone netting to make the outfit one piece. Her hair is very soft but not a good quality, so it is best to keep it as is tied to the side.

Here is the back view as well as her fantastic shoes. They go so well with the outfit,  they are aqua colored jelly sandals.

When this mermaid princess gets her “land” legs she dresses in her favorite color green.  I wanted to see how she looked with regular clothes and of course she can wear AG outfits and the Springfield collection shoes.

Here she is next to the back of the box, where you can see the different “Princess” being introduced this year in the My Life as collection. The Royal Princess, the Pop Star Princess and the Mermaid Princess.

The bottom of the box shows the different combinations of eyes and hair color.

Friendship is very important to the new arrivals, so Henriette quickly approached Mermie (her new name) and showed her,  her doll.  Now Henriette has a little trouble sharing, so just a look is all Mermie gets.

Fun Facts:
1. The price did go up for these dolls, they are now $27.97
2. No other new items were in stock, just the dolls, they also have a ballerina dressed in purple.
3. The outfit on Mermie is from AG and the outfit on Henriette is from Serendipity Doll Company

Will one of these join your family?