I think all parents want to give their kids a fun filled summer break.  As a mother of two daughters I am always on the hunt for new activities to keep my girls from boredom.  When I was initially sent the Tulip Tie Dye Kit I was a little skeptical.   Really…tie dye with my kids?  I just could foresee disaster.  Flashbacks of my youth laboring over buckets of dye in the hot sun trying my best to make a decent looking tie dye shirt did not amuse me.   I can honestly say I was so over the top pleasantly surprised at how fun and easy this project was!  Wow, have the times changed!!

I wanted to make a fun mother-daughter-doll event of it.  I purchased plain white shirts for myself and my daughters.  18 inch doll sized shirts are from My Doll’s Life.  The smaller 14 inch doll sized shirts were custom made for Hearts for Hearts dolls by Esty shop, 123 Mulberry Street.

All shirts were prewashed.  Using the rubber bands we made our designs.  Following the packaging directions we mixed our dye and placed it on the shirts.  I recommend placing your shirt on top of a baking cooling rack to prevent the shirt from soaking up too much dye underneath.  Place paper towels under the rack to absorb the drippings.  We decided to put each shirt in Saran Wrap to keep it moist.  We let the dye set for 6 hours.  Wearing gloves, each shirt was rinsed in the deep sink with hot water.  Then shirts were thrown together in the washer on a hot setting with a little soap.


The shirts came out super cute!  Plus, we had lots of giggles.  I love the brightness of the colors.  We have not noticed any fading of color after multiple washing.  AND very importantly…nothing has faded onto the dolls!  I look forward to doing this again.

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