Diana here! I thought it would be fun to make a little mini story for you featuring some of the newest items I have picked up.

Emily at the Spa

Emily decided to go get a pedicure at the nearby Spa.  How relaxing to just sit back and get your toe nails painted?  I think she picked lime green.

Spa Caddy

Notice the caddy?  Well it is a storage bin which I found at Big Lots for $4.50.  I turned it into a salon caddy, with just minor changes and items I had around the craft room as well as a mirror from Michael’s Crafts.

Emily at the Spa

A closer look at the caddy, doesn’t it go well with the Spa?

First day of school dolls

Last week was back to school and here Hannah is entering her new class room.  She is new to the school and was a little late getting to class. She found an empty desk near Lynda.

First day of school dolls

The girls introduced themselves and Hannah jumps right into the math work.  She has some questions for Lynda, because math is hard for Hannah.

First day of school dolls

Lynda explains, and Hannah asks “Am I doing it right?”

Seems like the girls are getting along just fine and are on their way to becoming BFFs.

Fun Facts:

  • Hannah’s laptop is new from Our Generation
  • Lynda’s laptop is from Lanie’s collection

So, here is a silly question – would you rather be at the spa or school?