When we were at Toy Fair in February, I was so thrilled to see the new historically inspired outfits from The Queen’s Treasures based on important roles played by women in WWI. The Salvation Army Uniform and the Salvation Doughnut Girl outfits are now available to order on The Queen’s Treasures site. One of our readers, Becky, has already ordered them and was kind enough to share some of her photos!

The Queen's Treasures Salvation Army outfits

The Girl Scouts learning to make donuts from the Salvation Army volunteers.

Salvation Army Uniform

I love the little buttons on this outfit. Little pieces of Velcro at located at each button instead of a long strip of Velcro sewn down the front. This gives the appearance of the buttons being very functional without the hassle of buttoning them.

The fabric in this outfit is a very nice cotton weight. The emblem on the hat is very detailed.

Salvation Doughnut Girl

The fabric seems to be a light weight twill. The apron ties in the back at the neck and the waist. However, it is sewn onto the beige fabric underneath. I love the detail of the little red tie. The outfit comes with netting attached underneath to give the outfit the stand out look.

I would recommend both of these outfits to doll collectors that enjoy unique period pieces of clothing. I also think that the Salvation Army Uniform would be great gift for girls that have family connections to the military.

I hope that that The Queen’s Treasures continues to sell quality historical doll clothing.

I did catch both of the items on sale which was a bonus.


Thanks Becky, for sharing these beautiful photos! And thanks to The Queen’s Treasures for continuing to make such inspiring historical clothing and accessories for the 18″ dolls!