The sun is shining today and if you don’t look at the thermometer or listen to the weather report, you just might think it is Spring – but sadly it is not! 

Last summer when I visited the Springfield Doll headquarters, I got to see a lot of the items they would be releasing next. For some reason, the stores in my area just now started to stock the new Springfield items. While there are quite a few really cute pieces in the new collection, I bought my favorites from Michael’s during a recent visit and used some coupons while I was at it.

Springfield Doll Clothes

This cute dance t-shirt and the silver shoes that Ivy is modeling were part of an exclusive set Springfield put together for Michael’s stores. These silver shoes are like no other shoes I have seen from Springfield before – they are super soft and will go well with so many outfits. The hi-lo skirt is from Mini Me Dolly Divas.

Springfield Doll Clothes

Here comes Adora Friends doll Jasmine (isn’t she just such a cutie!) with her scooter in the aquatunic top and striped leggings. I just think this outfit is adorable and the color looks good on EVERY single doll I have tried it on. Her shoes are from American Girl (Tropical Bloom outfit).

Springfield Doll clothes fit Gotz

Gotz Hannah looks so sweet in the vibrant striped halter dress along with Madame Alexander shoes. This dress is on the thin side and the fabric is also stiff, but I love the colors and the v-stripes, so it is a keeper.

Springfield Doll Clothes on American Girl

This peace sign hoodie with the green leggings is just so fresh and fun. Sonali immediately asked to try it on . The hoodie is t-shirt material and the leggings are more like leotard/tights material.  The shoes are Sonali’s meet outfit shoes from American Girl.

Springfield Doll clothes on Adora, Gotz, American Girl

The girls are really hoping spring will be here soon – and so do I!

The Springfield doll clothes generally fit most 18″ doll lines including American Girl, Madame Alexander, Adora, Gotz, Journey Girls, Carpatina and Maplelea.  You can find them on the Springfield website, Joann, Michaels, AC Moore and similar craft stores. The selection varies by store and most pieces are in the $7-$15 range – watch for the 40% off coupons at most of these stores and you can get them for very inexpensive prices. The Springfield clothes are not as high quality as many of the other brands, but if you take care of them, you can get a lot of fashion, fun and play time out of each piece.