Lorie’s daughter was the lucky recipient of hand-me-down Felicity and Kirsten dolls, but they needed a little TLC. Here is the note and the photos from Lorie.

Last night my good friend gave me her daughter’s retired Pleasant Company Kirsten and retired Felicity. Both of our daughters are the same age and both have Asperger’s. Her daughter knows that Abby loves to play with her MyAG Emma so she wanted to give her two dolls to Abby because she knew they’d be taken care of.

Pleasant Company Kirsten doll

Kirsten is in great shape. Her joints are still tight and her skin and fabric are clean. Her hair needed some TLC though so I used the Downy Spritz and it worked great! Her hair is like brand new. You can easily brush it and run your fingers through it.

Retired American Girl Felicity

Felicity was played with more roughly. Her hair had rats nests, she has some marks on her skin, one eye is a little wobbly and doesn’t always close when you lay her down and her neck strings are loose with stitching in the back that came apart. Her head is about to fall out. I tried my best to tighten the strings and fix the stitching but she will definitely need to go to the Doll Hospital to get that fixed.

I also did the Downy Spritz on Felicity and WOW what a difference. I need to spritz again at the top but what I did today has made a huge difference.

Both dolls have their meet dresses but no shoes. Kirsten is also missing the bows for her braids. But I took them out so Abby could style her hair how she wants. Her MyAG has short hair and we can only do a few styles.

Thanks Lorie for sharing these photos and congrats to Abby for inheriting such fabulous dolls!