Last week we were digging out from 20+ inches of snow and today it was almost 70! It was nice enough to have the windows open and do some photography outside, too. I have been wanting to take some photos of the A Girl for All Time Sam, and today seemed like a good opportunity.

A Girl for All Time Sam

Sam is the A Girl for All Time character from the 1960s. If you are not familiar with Sam’s story, here is the synopsis from the A Girl for All Time website:

“Hello, my name is Sam Liron.  My mother is Clementine Harper – you might have seen her, with her bright red bob and read about her adventures during the war, when she and her best friend caught a Nazi spy.  Anyway, I’m about to turn thirteen. I was born in Paris in the huge hotel where I live with my parents and I’m obsessed with fashion. I’m about to go on a huge adventure…I’m going to live with my eccentric uncle Ernie in Greenwich Village in New York City, stopping off in London on the way of course to see Carnaby Street.”

A Girl for All Time Sam

I just love the way the wind blew just a few strands of hair in Sam’s face.

All of the dolls in the A Girl for All Time line have very similar faces, but if you put them all side by side, you will see slight differences, just like you would normally see when you look at photos of your mother, grandmother, great grandmother and so on.


The great part of a sunny day is that even inside I had good lighting. Of course, Natalie was coaching me a bit – she is a MUCH better photographer than I am, but I can’t let her have all the fun, all the time. 😉

A Girl for All Time Sam

Sam comes with an orange headband and the color really pops with her rich brown hair and brown eyes. This is one of my favorite photos of her so far.

A Girl for All Time Sam

A Girl for All Time dolls have seven points of articulation (head, shoulders, hips and knees), making them fun to pose. Personally, my favorite part of Sam’s outfit is definitely those sweet little yellow shoes!

I am sure Sam will have many more adventures as part of the Doll Diaries family!