Dear Diary, 

My name is well it could be Tess, or Sarah or Hannah. I was created by a company named Gotz. They wanted me to be made in America so New York is my hometown. I am blonde with blue eyes but my name has been changed. You see my sisters who are made in Germany, now China, once were called Sarah and now they are known as Hannah. Since I was created in America I was named Tess. A very famous toy company name FAO Schwarz carried me for a while then shipped me to another toy store called Toy R Us. Toys R Us made me their exclusive doll. My creator went out of business in the USA so I have been tagged as discontinued. One day a very nice lady found me, I could see in her eyes I was meant to be with her. She quickly took me home and gave me her loving touch. I was re-united with one of my sisters from Germany and now we share a beautiful bedroom and the coziest PJs I have ever owned. I am glad to be home.

Signed, Sarah (my new name)

This is Sarah. She is discontinued and if you can find her at Toy R Us she is now $59.99, any where else she sells for $99 or more. She comes with some beautiful ballerina outfits.

Here are Sarah (Tess) and Hannah in their new bedroom. I found the vanity set that matches the trundle bed on Craigslist this last weekend. The PJs were made by me and the tops are embroidered to match the pants. Each girl holds a tiny bear.

These are side by side. Although they are sisters they are not twins. Hannah (brunette) has longer hair then Sara (Tess), but both their hair quality is excellent. I re-did Sarah’s hair by just using spray water and curling the ends.

A close up look at their faces. My Hannah did not come with eyelashes, but after a little research I found she at one time had them, so she is now fully re-stored with her eyelashes.

Thanks again Diana for always having such great doll information to share with us!