When I sat down to fix Saige’s hair I remembered a fun hairstyle I did on my niece a few times for her dance competitions.  It has just the right amount of detail but is easy to do!   It is fun from the front, but wait till you see the side and the back!

The hair sweeps in two different directions that gives this an elegant look.

Her hair is piled up on top but underneath, near her neck, is another fun element.  Let’s take a closer look and style this together!

With a brush or comb, divide the hair from ear to ear into two sections.   

Loosen the hairband on the bottom section of hair.

Above the hairband divide the hair into two with a finger.

Hold the opening in the hair… 

and flip the ponytail up and pass it through the opening.

Join the hair back together into a ponytail on top.

Fix hair on top into a bun or a variation of a bun.  I gathered Saige’s curls into a messy bun.

I love the way the hair sweeps in two directions and  looks so lovely from the side.

The hair comes together on the top of her head and makes a lovely up-do!

This fun hairstyle looks great from the back, side, and front! 

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post!

  • Doll-Saige, An American Girl of that was Girl of the Year 2013
  • Outfit-Shirt  with glitter heart tutorial is here
  • Scene- .Made from patterned paper.

Trying different hairstyles is a lot of fun on dolls!